December 25, 2008

merry christmas

oh wow, what a holiday
this year i didnt get shit for christmas because im "too old".
i probaly got like 60 bux from my aunts and uncles
its better than nothing right?
imma use the money on alcohol, clubs & clothes
tonight i just wanna go out and get wasted
maybe the heist? thats the only thing thats open tonight.. i think
i just want christmas to be over
i hate the holidays
and why did my ex-bf start texting me?

you know why?

well 6 more days till i party with miley

December 21, 2008

can you call me "SLUTY" ?!?

so on friday iris came over... late haha
we went american vintage but didnt really find anything to wear
so we walked back to my house all tired and cold
by the time we got to my house it was getting late and devanie was on her way
so i asked my cousin for a ride (BAD IDEA)
he was such a bad driver cause he was fucken wasted
i thought i was gonna die that night
but i didnt lolz
so me and iris got a huge bottle popov vodka
hahahaha can you say alcoholic?
so we me up with devanie
and got drunk next to a laundry
i meet some really cool guys
and i thought they were cute
and they said somthing about Models Of Pride
in my head i was like "YESSSS! they must be gay or bisexual!"
the night for me passed but really quick
but i end up making out with both of them all night

then next day
i spent the day with iris cause she slept over
my mom invited her to the mall and she said yes beacuse
she didnt have a ride home
so when went to the mall and made fun of most of the people there
later that day me and iris picked up a bottle of vodka
we went home, took a shower
and started getting drunk
then we went to HTDJs all drunk
on the way there i was signing
GNO by hannah montana
what a fun nigght
when i got home my brother took iris home
and we got late night jack in the box

can we do this again for xmas or new years eve?

December 18, 2008

i hate

how underage girls & boyz go to Club D@Nc3 every fucken tuesday and dry humps every dj's legs and brags about it the next day

no one cares how sluty you are

get a fucken life!

and that scene hair is so 3 years ago

im so full of hate :D

Ps. Tomorrow American Apparel Party with iris?

heck yesss!


im back bitches


i know i know i havent blogged in while
i kinda got tired of this website
but im back and gonna start blogging more offten... maybe
so my birthday weekend was AMAZING
i couldnt belive how much fun i had
thanks to all my old and new friendsss <3
everytime i go out i make like 20 new friends
i love it

oh and yes i did see CSS
me and iris we the ONLY ones that jumped on stage
while they played "lets make love and listen to the death from above"
how awsome are we?!?!

so abit of my life update:
i havent been to school for 2 days beacuse im sick
but im going back tomorrow
imma die, i just know it

ok im mad beacause i was 2nd runner up to win best dressed
but i didnt >:[
i over heard some girls talk and they said "lets vote for jacob for best dressed because he wears alot of ambercrombie and hollister"
so to be fashionable at my school i have to wear alot of hollister?
fucken gross
when you open GQ, Mens Vogue, and Guys Nylon do you see them wear alot of hollister and A&F?
my school dosent know fashion for shit
i should have won
me me me!

on another note:
dont know what to get me for christmas?
heres a tshirt that i really really want!
hahaha since im 18, i could release my own sex tape
but i wanna film a three-sum with tom ford and marc jacobs

December 9, 2008


so im excited about my weekend
it gonna the fucken best
i just wanna scream with joy!

this is wat imma gonna do





December 7, 2008

i wouldnt mind

having a party like thiss;

my life goal

before i die
one of my life goals is to meet miley cyrus.
i just love her
shes so down to earth and everything
someone plz make that happen

btw, this is the best music video ever!!!


December 4, 2008

i have ......

well ive been going to the school therapist for a while now
and she said i have Selective Mutism
go figure,
no wonder i didnt talk to anybody in my frist weeks of school
and she said that teen usually abuse drugs and alcohol
that explains my drinking problem


fuck my lonely life

November 30, 2008

l a s t s a t u r d a y.

just got home from some randoms guys house
wow wat a night

not really proud of myself
but i cant control myself when im under the influence of drugs and alcohol

bang was crazy with bird and alana
we meet the craziest people

and did anyone its the hollywood prade tomorrow?
for christmas

but yea its 4:59am
and i got home around 4:15am
thank god my dad was in the bathroom
but there gonna ask me "wat i was doing?" and "were i was?"
what the fuck do i say

fuck i feel like imma be grounded untill i turn 25
or maybe im just over thinking it

man im still "rollin" on E
but i could still type?
weird maybe it help me type straight
cause if i was drunk id be making no sense right now

well imma go listen to more techno and trip a bit more

hopefully hopefully everthing turns out good.

November 28, 2008

no heist on thanksgiving

we got pick up by sum
random old pll

and sum guy tried german guy tired to buy for sex

funny thing was that i was about to do it
but alana was there to say no for me


do i look that sluty?!?!?

bang on sdaturday
for sergios bday!
i cant wait!

November 23, 2008


last night in went to tilt
it was sooo much fun!

i drankk shit loads of bacardi and captian morgan
soooooo good!


kinda dont remember last night that much so
idk wat to say



November 22, 2008

Bravo called

and left a msg

they wanted to know if i was willing to drop out of high school
to be on there new show "fashion house"
its like a boot leg version of project runway
the only reason they asked me cause i turn 18 in dec
so i could make my own decision.

should i choose
my education?
my 5 mins of fame?

most like ill stay in school
i need something to bounce back on
if my career dosent work out


ps. maybe ill go to the video shoot today
or just shopping with my dad


oh the joyyy!

November 19, 2008

wet dreamz.

i had a dream like thisss;
hahaha it was hot!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

3-sum anyone?!?

boys night outtt

blogspot on paper.

so my teacher gave me homework,
he wants me to write about my day for 2 weeks.
he'll probaly find out that im a alcoholic
so suprise to other
but watevez

ps. i might graduate this year
not just because there forcing me too
not my parents but my school
starting next year
imma take night school and weekend school
im be so fucken stressed out
you have no idea
so many credits so little time

wish me luck
ill need it


November 16, 2008

new week;

video shoot for music video
plz gimme a ride

O M F G !


me and iris were wasssted
like you have no idea!
we finished a bottle of vodka
ohhhh man ADULT. performed and the started
a mosh pit
some loser keeped socking me in the back
so i turn around and puched him in his face
stupid fuck face
but overall
it was the best nightt ever!
i was stealing drinks for ashley

plz lets do this all over again dec.11th
at the echoplex
when CSS and NPSH is going to be there
omg i cant waait

imma wear a shirt that says "marry me lovefoxxx"

ps. why does the air smell like fire
feels like i cant breath

November 15, 2008

oh so sorry.

sorry i havent blogged lately
ive been too lazy

i been into my school work
yeah i know i know
i have the reputation of being a slacker
and ive been trying so hard to change that

but tomorrow
im going to Hang The DJz
and iris is coming over with alcohol!
woot woot!

so its 2:32am
just finished cleaning the bathroom
just for sum money
i havent done chores in forever
but money is money

hopefully i get 10 bux
for my entrance

and hopefully i wont
get any shit from a bouncers tomorrow
i really wanna see ADULT and POP NOIR

ill tell you how it all turns outtt.


now imma sleep till 1pm
i need to catch up on alot of missed hours of sleep.

November 6, 2008


iris is coming over
and were going to the sample sale



November 5, 2008

B r i a n e l

im going
i want this shirt so badly

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

whos going?
or who cares to join me?


rough draft

it was 1am
and i couldnt sleep for shit
and i have cashee testing in the morning
so i decided to work on my DJing skillz
i was doing pretty good
but i think i killed with css at the end
idk tell wat u think?
be honest
if u say "oh i like it" and its bad
im not gonna know wat to work on
so be brutally honest lolz

so download it if u want


im off to sleep

November 4, 2008

monday funday.

on monday i was getting ready for YELLE
then i got a text from alana
saying "i cant go, my mom is mama for no reason"
i was kinda mad cause it was last minute
but hey
i told my dad to take me
he was mad cause i keep going out lolzz
but i got there kinda late
there was a girl outside, she was cute
she asked "are u going in?"
i said wierdly "yea? why?"
then she said "oh cause my friend only had two tickets for yelle and he thought he could sneak me in but now im stuck out here"
then i said "i dont have to sneak you in, i have an extra ticket"
hahaha she look so excited and hugged me
and PLUS her friend was a hot piece of ass
i made new frannnzz
she gave me her numnber, i gave her mine.
so YELLE was fucken tiiiight!
i love that bitch
after she performed and the camera stopped rolling i screamed
"nous faisons du temps sexy"
which means lets make sexy time in french
she fucken smiled at me!
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November 2, 2008

halloween weekenddd.


i went to HTDJz.
then went back home and to wait for alana to go to west hollywood
it didnt go as planned
all that traffic killed us
we didnt make it to west hollywood
we made it to hollywood and
the night just got worse
we finally found paking, and we walked around
i seriously felt like i was in compton
there were ghetto bitches everywhere, fat bitches with extra small clothes
so nasty and i felt like i was gonna get jumpped
and we could find a fucken liquor store that was open >:[
so we just went home all bummed.


i woke up with nasty ciggrette breath, crusty eyes on 3 hours of sleep.
i texted alana to see if she was awake and she was haha
when alana got here we went straight to rite aid and got a HUGE bottle
of vodka hahaha it was a dream come true
we almost got lost on the way to models of pride
but we didnt
but on the way we feed sum homeless cute puppies
so when we parked we got ready to get our drinkkkk on!
wow i was drunk the whole time
i kinda had a feeling a few ppl knew
hahaha mean its hella obvious when im drunk
-i sweat, i trip alot, im loud, and i mummble alot- lolzz
but it was sumwat lame
the dance was lamer
the music was bad
then me and alana left to Club Bang
i drank more before i went in
and man of man was i drunk
i was talking to everybody :D
and like random ppl came up to me annd started talking to me like if we
were bffz hahaha
thats why i like older ppl there not so much based on drama and shyness there too old for that
but yea
79% of the time i was dancing on stage
hahaha i was such a slutt
but fuck i so drained the nexxt day


went to a casting call for BRAVOtv
for a new show there doing
its a spin-off of Project runway
i was nervous as fuck
i was like 2 blocks away
and i was thinking about not going
this is wat was running through my head
"wat if im to young" "wat if they dont like me" "wat if they hate my stuff"
but then i just when to a liqour store and got a small 5 dollar bottle of vodka
and drank my nerves away
so i did fine
they like my personality.... well my drunk one haha
then i went to target to get a pretzel and a slurpee
and as i turn around BAM
there she was
i was still kinda drunk so i went up to her and tapped her and asked "are you cory k?" she smiled and giggled "yea why?"
i was like "omg i love you on nylon!" she said "aww thanks"
then i hugged her and left lol
i didnt wanna seem like a creepy stalker

but fuck it sure was a long as weekend

tomorrow imma go YELLE at carson daily
with alana
im excited!
im wanna talk dirrrrty to her in french lol
how do u say
"lets have sexy time!"
in french


ill update tomorrow

x x o o

j a i m e


call me now for your free reading

October 31, 2008

holler-ween nightttt.

just woke up from a nap
imma tell you the truth
im a bit cranky and dont feel like doing nothing tonight
but all i need is a shower
and my crankie-ness would go away
im not going to stay in on halloween
imma go to the echo tonight
imma be a 80's workout pornstar
hahahaha ill i need to do is wear american apparel

so today i had fun in school
i love how alot of people were in the halloween spirit
then there was like a halloween parade during lunch
me and steph were making fun of alot of ppl :D
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

so tonight i wanna have sum fucken fun
i have 20bux in my pocket
10 for the entrance
10 for vodka!
ill tell you how everything goes

jaime vanderwoodsen

dirrrrrrrtay dancin with obama
imma dance like thisss tonight
sup holla!

October 29, 2008

audition mode;

wow i was so fucken nervous about today
for no reason
when me and devanie got there
we did a little prayer haha and
we signed in and went to the side to take the 5th elavator

i was seriously just there to support dev
but when the lady handed me a piece of paper and said
"now write your name, phone, email"
i was like waaaat!?!
lol dev told me to do it
so i did
we went to the a backroom and there was a photoshoot set up and everything
they made me hold up my sign and and they took a few shoots of me
i felt all special haha
its was all quick and easy

ps. thnx devanies mom for the ride home =]

hopefully me and devanie gets a call back.

cant sleep

maybe cause im nervous for tomorrow
hopefullyy i dont wake up late

imma try to get sum sleep now

i have a feeling devanie is going to get it


ps. hopefully iris ends up going

one of my favorite movies:

this shit is so damn funny
i just watched it
i cant belive its been 2 years since ive last seen it

ps. i think this is my 100th or 101th blog


October 28, 2008

fixed laptop

i got my laptop is fixed
imma blog 24/7 for now on

so lets start off with school
it was boring as always
the only good part was that when ran into the guy i liked
hahahah i didnt even plan it
i said "omg im sorry i wasnt paying attention"
and he said "naw bro its totally fine, i didnt even see you"
hahaha o' my gosh
my only words to him
hahahaha im so lame
so im not going to school tomorrow
im going to the american apparel casting call to support dev
and maybe iris if she goes
hahah i wanna be a plus size model

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ps. someone take Moscow on tomorrow so i could try to win hard tickets

plz & thank you

October 27, 2008

holla-ween planzz.

i dont have nothing else to do
HARD is sold outtt
but imma buy my hard ticket early this time for november
before they add better djs and jack up the prices

i just wanna have fun on this night

i need a fucken ride!
its 8 mins away from my house
plz :[
someone help me outtt
i would take the bus but its 1 hour on the bus and plus
i dont wanna takke the bus at night

i said "no no no"

people at school tell me imma end up in rehab
how random?
why would they think that?

i dont even drink


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my life support


jaime + vodka = true love

October 26, 2008

i need sum shopping thearpy

i havent been to american apparel in a long time
all my clothes are out dated
cause american apparel always
has sumthing new everyweek
these are sum things i need to buy

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

damn i seriously need a job


lil' choker is iris's boyfrannn

October 24, 2008


damn alana finally broke my heist virginity
Its about time

i got a 21+ wrist band and it was so fucken eassssy!
so sweat
the bouncers were hella nice and kinda cute in a ghetto latino way hahaha

But fucccck
I had funnnn!
And drannnk waaay to mucho

thank you alana!
you seriosuly made my week.

will see wat will do for halloween

Blaaaah i have a test tomorrow

Goooodz nites

assta la pasta



October 23, 2008


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yesssss! tomorrow the big day.
hands down HSM3 is going to be the number 1 movie of the week
imma see it tomorrow yaaay!

i have wildcat spirit!
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w h a t e v e r .

today was like whatever.
it took me forever to find something to wear
of course i wore a tshirt with a jacket
i did the same thing i do everyday.... work
my homeroom teacher is helping me get into a good college for my career
i like it how he cares about me going to college
he just makes me wanna work harder in my other classes
so yeah
i wish something exciting happends to me tomorrow hahaha
but yea
i did see mr. tall&sexy today from a distance
i seriously just wanna say hi to him
this song plays in my head everytime i see him

hahaha some may say im a hopeless romantic
i say im CHEEZZE


this is just one of many reason why i like her
i wanna go clubbin' with her
she looks like she know how to have fun

off the deep end.

i know its 3:20am

but fuck i can't sleep at all.
why now? :[
I've notice that i have lower self-esteem than i did before.
my frist period teacher tells me i always look sad in her class and my third period teacher always asks me "are you ok today?" and all i do is give him a fake smile and say "just fine"
i don't know was wrong with me
i can't even wear a simple t-shirt without me thinking that imma look like a fat whale
i always cover myself up with some sort of jacket, sweater or vest.
even when its blazzing hot, im the only retard wearing a sweater.

dosent low self esteem cause depression?
because it sure feels like it
sometimes i wonder how my life would be if I've were skinny like a stick.

i probaly need therapy or something.

someone please help me.

ps. I haven't been working out lately, just taking diet pills.

October 21, 2008

high school crush

so yesterday i went to the library
and damn
I saw the cutest guy ever.
he was one of those grungy type of guys
and he was way taller than me, of course
and i found out he's a service worker there during 5th period.

when i was there me and him just smiled everytime we looked at each other
but my dumbass never had the courage to go up to him and introduce myself.

fuck man,
i wanted to punch myself when i left
and now i see him every morning on my way to class

how do i just go up to him and introduce myself without me getting all sweaty and nervous.



im mad at myself.

October 19, 2008

bloooow up fucken L.A!!!!

it wasss the BOMBBBB!

Pomgsz im so fiucken drunksssss
U guysss have noi i ideaa

Blahsss blhasz


thanxxx for the ride home
iris'ss frannnz
him and his fran was fiiiine oh ah holla at em

just kiddddin
im just a fucken teenagerrr
I think anybody iss hot hahahaha!

Im outer ohs!

bye ma nigguhzz

Imma reget writititing this when im soberrre
Haha but im bnopt gonna delete it

Buy again times 22222

Ok forealZzz

October 16, 2008

bon qui qui.

reminds me of burger king
on avalon where lizzie lives

Congratz Leanne.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

leanne was last night winner of project runway
i must say this season wasnt as fierce as last season
but out of everybody im glad leanna won
she very talented
she gives of like a marc jacobs vibe

well heres some of her collection that she showed at bryant park.
wat do you guys thinkkkk?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
i kissed a girl and i like it :D

October 15, 2008

life update

i haven't been to school at all this week.
long story short, i had surgery in my toe.
nasty grossness
but yea i go back to school on thursday

i have havent had any fun lately, boo.
i need day were i just get drunk and have fun with my friendss.
i miss those days when i could say "fuck school!"
go to a mini market and buy air freshenier and get fucked up with my ghetto friendzz at locke lol

but anyways i hope my toe recovers for saturday
i really really wanna go to blow up l.a
but who knows if im goin

will see wat happends.

October 10, 2008


im here stuck at home on a friday night.
i was suppose to go here with alana but noo
she had to stay home and babysit
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i wanna go so badly
but i dont wanna go by myself :[
some people maybe say
"cant you go with friends at school?"
and answer is
i dont know them well enough to ask them out
and pluss there not into that kinda stuffff
sux for iris, alana was gonna be her ride

let me bring in some good news
yesterday my mom got me and my sisters
a tea-cup pomeranian puppy.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

its fucken cute!
it looks like a bbyfoxxx.
i love it

well have a feeling this weekend is going to suck
life has been boring lately



these videos are fucken funny
just goes to show you how ridiculous scene kidz are
watch them in order






October 7, 2008


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i must say i love the new season of girls next door
its loads of sexyness just watch

October 4, 2008


sorry i havent blogged alot lately
my laptop is broken
and this computure is always busy
i mean come on
i live with five ppl who are internet crazzzy
and i never get time alone
and when i do im either way to tired or bored

i didnt go anywhere today :[
alana had to work which sux
i had soooooo much fun with her on thursday
i mean damn! i never laugh so much in my life!

enjoy some crazy picture we took on thursday at the apple store

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

my theme song

hellz yea baby got front!

i sing this everyday before i go to school

October 1, 2008

true love


hahaha it was meant to be!

0MFG! i cant wait!

ahhhhhhh just 30 dayz till hard!
omg omg!

ooh and i got premire tickets to this
im going tomorrrow with alana

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September 28, 2008

i love money & charm school

season finaly of i love money is next sunday
oh how i love megan and brandi c.

i hope megan wins the money!
fuck whiteboy and real
but i get to see more of megan and brandi
on the new vh1 show
rock of love: Charm School

i really think they should get there own show
or something


September 27, 2008

awww friends

awww alana is too nice!
i love her!
hopefully we party as often as we did before

but this should be fun!
or ill make it fun!!!!

hahaha hellzz yes!

September 26, 2008


i left school early because i was so mad.
there trying to switch my classes
gezzz i fucken hate schools bullshit

i feel like droppin out so badly.


September 25, 2008

adventures in chinatown

so i haven't blogged in 3 dayz, sorry.

so on monday i went to go see hotchip at carson daily taping.
it was hella dope me and priscilla were in the front row
funny part was i saw the guyz from 1iota. the ones that me and iris saw at the jonas brothers sign up.
another thing priscilla was dancing in front of the crowd with other people for a gift card from subway hahaha
but she won a t-shirt.

anyway ways now moving on to today

so i was in spanish class and i decided to aim devanie
and all of a sudden i end up leaving school and go home to get ready to go to chinatown.

i love doing things randomly.
so i meet up with dev at broadway and 7th
and she was looking cute
omg i feel inlove with her shoes, she said she got them at rite-aid

so imma try to get them. mos deff

so finally me and dev head off to chinatown
we took so many pictures

i love it there
i haven't been there in so long so i was happy to go
we got so many braclets and charms
OMFG! dev got me this koi fish gold and blue charm and i love it! i turned it to a necklace
but yea at the end i invited her to eat and we eat at ssbarros
which has the bomb ass gralic bread and cheese pizza!

overall i had so much fun
this made my week
cause im not really feelin school at the momment

but devanie if yr reading this

so tomorrows friday
here's wat imma do
get up
go to school
come home
and sleep

oh wow how exciting
hahaha :D

hopefully something good happends at school
hopefully they won't say nothing about ditching my 5&6 period