November 19, 2009


i thought this type of style is cool and unique
and it all started with baywatch.
i wonder if anybody in L.A rocks is look

September 18, 2009


you have to be one fierce bitch to rock these shoes in public. will you buy them?

September 7, 2009


ive honestly watched this movie like 5 times this weekend and i just finshed watching it 15 mins ago. Makes me wish i was born in that era.
it feels like just yesterday when i use to hangout in back of venues and drink 40oz
all night and going in the mosh pits all trashed and waking up hungover all bruised up. its movies like this that makes me want to go to show but the problem is theres no good bands out there.

September 5, 2009

prank wars

i wanna do this to my brother
because my brother loves playing hhis music out loud

September 4, 2009


so tomorrow is the fyf festival and I'm excited because its one of the last things ill be doing before i go back to school. The only thing i wanna do is have fun and of course drink. i wont be drinking as heavy as i did because ever since i got alcohol poisoning i haven't been able to keep hard liquor down, which sux. Other than that I'm looking forward to seeing Mika Miko & GlassCandy.
Ive been thinking lately that i wanna get into the indie music scene and no im not doing it so i could become some cool hipster. Hard to believe but i got kinda got tired of going to the same tired club. This month I'm planning to see IO ECHO with Funeral Party and next month Ladyhawke will be playing at the Avalon. I'm happy i got a job not only am i going to see them, i could also purchase their merch. woo!
i hopefully i get paid before september 10th so i could buy a wristband to meet Megan Fox and to Screen her new movie Jennifer's Body before it comes out.

sleep needed

this week has been hell for me
all this week i ended up falling asleep at 4am or later
i have no idea why!
i keep thinking its the damn heat
but looks like im going to need a few sleeping pills for the weekend
because i cant go to school without sleep
Ive done it before and ended up falling asleep in all my class
but today is diffrent i havent slept at all and now its 6:30am
i have a feeling ill end up falling asleep at 10am till 5pm
it wouldn't surprise me, Ive done it before.
and today i have to register for school, ill be attending belmont because I'm missing half of semester worth of credits.
this is the time i regret no paying attend or giving a shit in 9th and 10th grade
but its too late now, i learned from my mistakes.
i know its random that I'm using blogspot now
but all of this wont fit on my twitter at all.

the pyscho girlfriend

i knew guys with girlfriends like this
this is pretty funny

ps. that guy is pretty sexxxy.

June 7, 2009

blogspot killer

im hardly on here because of twitter

May 26, 2009

Prada bag



i pledged, why dont you do too?
its all for a great cause


May 23, 2009

The faint

who want to party with me?
lets make plaz

drinks on me =]

May 20, 2009

Alexander Wang

frist look on a collaboration Alexander Wang did with GAP

Christian Siriano for Payless

this is the new collection from christian siriano for payless
the shoes were suppose to be out by now but sourcing are saying
that there are still tweaking the shoes
some say the final production my not have the spikes and the chains
will just have to wait and see.

May 7, 2009


this band is pretty damn amazing
cant wait to see them at
the Nylon Music Tour 09

come with me plz
with have vodka to make that day just that much better

May 6, 2009

the wrath of con

this has to be my favorite scene
from gossip girl


May 5, 2009

Alcoholics Anonymous

someone please take me tomorrow morning
ive been drinking all this month
and not just on the weekends
on the weekdays too
yes that means during school

today i took like 5 shots of tequila
and loved it

happy cinco de mayo

it burns so good!


demi demi demi

for the record:
i dont hate demi lovato no more
but i still hate her butt chin
plastic surgery plz

street fighter

my favorite street fight
btw; i have Street Fighter 4 for ps3
anyone wanna play me online?


May 3, 2009


im getting the blue ones
when they come out


April 28, 2009


all i remember was that that night was so funny
sean ansd kenny made me laugh so hard
loved it


April 26, 2009

kentucky fried chanel


can i plz have one in every color?
i love these shirts

Candy Girlzzz

this is my favorite show on E!
i love these ghettofab bitches


April 18, 2009

its the climb

im currently practing this song on my guitar
this is one of my favorite songs from
The Hannah Montana movie
and yes its my frist song im learning
wish me luckkk

April 17, 2009

7 days till

seven days til i see depeche mode
in hollywood and highland
with alana and bird
i still have a +1
any takers?
plz be 18 years or older
beause were going to tigerheat after


keke VS. nessa

who wore it better?
i feel keke palmer wore it better

April 7, 2009

April 4, 2009

favorite female singer: miley cyrus

honestly, she made me cry my eyes out too




yesterday was one of the best fridays i had in a long time
me and scilla went to see lily allen at jimmy kimmbel
of course we drank before we went in
but yeah lily was a-a-a-a-amazing!
after the mini concert
i decide to go to House
its funny how scilla kept calling House "club Bang"
we went to my house to get flyers
then went to the liqour store to pick up more drinks
obviously i got vodka and orange juice
and scilla got joose
i love being drunk and singing to lady gaga
after House we went to Taco bell
to get food to sober up lolz
what a night!
i fucken loved it!


ps. spring break this week, oh im in trouble :D

March 31, 2009

the hot gossip

the new cover girls for Rolling Stone
imms buy it as soon as i see it

gossip girl