January 19, 2010

no teen vogue.

i will not be picking up this issue of teen vogue. i don't hate Jessica szohs as a person i just hate the character on gossip girl. If your a big fan of gossip girl you know what I'm talking about. Vanessa is not the only character i hate on gossip girl, i also hate Dan Humphrey for obvious reasons.

we all do this a some point...

Vampire Diaries

The cast of Vampire Diaries are on the Febuary issue on Nylon magazine. All i could say is.... IT ABOUT TIME!

January 17, 2010

Emma Dumont

Here's the winner of V magazines model search. Her name is Emma Dumont and shes only fifteen years old. She's from Seattle, Washington. This young beauty is the next face of fashion. Emma will make her V debut in V64, on newsstands everywhere March 2, 2010. I see a big career for this girl in the future but shes not the youngest model to start this big. Kimora lee simons got a exclusive contract for Chanel when she turn thirteen. good luck emma


Jeremy Scott


i know i havent blogged in a long time but i wanted to post my top 5 favorite Bad Romance parodys.