January 29, 2009

sleepless nights;

studying for my math final.
so fucken tired
i hate finals, so stressful
i need a drink,
vodka + coke

what's there do this weekend?
my mom is lesaving febuary 6th
imma go out everyday of the week

January 28, 2009

rising *s t a r*

i love this girl

add her

January 27, 2009

school dayz.

so there's only like 2 more weeks till the semester is over.
im failing like 3 classes
i just might go to continuation school
i feel like im letting myself down.
i keep telling myself imma do better but when im in class i just slack off and read magazines.
i seriously just wanna make clothes and work on my clothing line.
but schools getting on my way.

fuck my life

Steven Sprouse for

Louis Vuitton.

i want the shirts and the shoes,
if only i had that kind of money.

January 23, 2009


my plans for tomorrow.

-thift shopping
-alcohol hunt
-Tilt w/ thunderheist
-Blow Up L.A Winter formal

Oh man i can't wait til tomorrow, hopefully everything turns out sexy
i wanna jump on stage and shake my hips to the beat


January 18, 2009

hanging the djs

yesterday was pretty fun
finally hung out with alana
lolz, we were in the damn corner looking for people to buy use alcohol
no lucky
so we went to nthe liquor store ask for the bottle of UV pink lemonade
and the lady said "could i see your iD?"
i look through my wallet and said "dam i forgot my iD!, im sorrry"
she was "like how old are you?"
and i said "22, why?"
then she said "because you look so young"
so she sold me the bottle
thank god
we found ashley and miguel in the parking lot
got drunk at echo park
how fun

it was a pretty chill night
loves it

and after htdjs
alana bought us taco bell
sooooo good
fiesta patatoes + bean burritos

hopefully we do this again next week

ps. i cant wait to see the pictures gerry took



i wanna be skinny.

ok, now im using these weight loss pills
they seem to work alot
I've seen a huge difference
but i feel like the more weight i loss the more self conscious i get.
maybe thats one of the side effects?
im not gonna stop taking them
i dont wanna look like a mexican shrek
how ugly

hopefully in 3 weeks i see more results
and i need to start working out again

January 17, 2009

Stawberries & Champagne

tonight, better be fucken fun
school had me stressing all week long
i just need a bottle of UV pink lemonande
damn i still dont have another fake iD
im still working on it
i hate asking bums to buy vodka
thats so 9th grade
and plus it wastes alot of my time
and i get to see ashley tonight
too bad iris cant make it over here
but next weeek for sure
no matter wat!

well im off
i have nothing else to write



great way to escape from the paps

January 11, 2009

poor miley

you have my love and support

Adventures in Downtown L.A

09' Edition.

show me an dev meet up all late in downtown L.A beacuse of something that's happend last and i don't wanna get into it.

so me and devanie went to goodwill and i got a light brown Members Only jacket
and devanie got a cute lace top, a sexy WARRIORS jersey and a fucken cute vintage Jordache purse.

after that dev said "oh my friends are gonna tag along and she gonna call you"
i really didn't want to meet them nor i didn't want them to tag along with us but after we meet they were pretty chill people.

then we walked to Comme Des Garcons but it was close so we decided to walk to
Little Tokyo and on the way there we saw a red carpet event going on and the secruity guard let us in just to see the models pratice walking down the runway.
it was pretty fucken amazing and the clothes were beautiful.

then we left to little tokyo,
thanks to devanie i got a new Diesel Wallet
and i got like 2 new scarfs that i really need it and the dev got drunk off of the sake that we took


overall this day was amazing, tomorrow we might go to Fairfax flea market

oh i can't wait



January 9, 2009

out with the old, in with the new

here are some old picture
i took like 4 years ago

my punk rawk dayzzz
i thought i was "cool"
turns out i was the lamest kid ever
i changed ALOT!

thank god


off the deep end

fifi, what are you wearing today?
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one day

imma have a day like this with paris hilton
just with more alcohol


*its a long video, but its so fucken funny

wat a night

so tuesday i went to the echoplex to see pop noir and the franks
it was pretty amazing
some guy called me the next and ask me "are you ok?"
i was like "yea why?"
he said "oh because you were crying on my lap and then we started making out"

i was a emo drunk that night
omgz how scary
i hope he was cute.... aleast

and the on wednesday
i meet up with sam and danny at the lucys laundry mat were me iris , and devanie got drunk at
so sam bought me a bought of UV pink lemonade vodka
i could almost drink that shit straight
i love it
Its my new favorite kind of vodka
after i finish the vodka
i blacked out
woke up with
scabs on my hands
dirty clothes
alcohol breath
crusty eyes
and it looks like got in a fight

looks like imma walking on the road to rehab

if you love me take me to rehab


January 7, 2009


its 6:30 am

i haven't sleept yet and im scared too, here's the reason why
iris is suppose to come to my house somewat early so we could go to the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS pre-show
they still haven't told us who is performing but were going to find out.
hopefully its someone good.
mostly like it would a up and coming artist

after that me and iris are going to NO CULTURE at the echo
its a new club every wednesday
i wanna go to become a regular there
maybe i could get in for free in the future
or maybe just meet more cool people around my area.

all i know is
were getting drunk off of
and maybe if i get really drunk
ill get a 40oz, and be ghetto


i only have one problem

how is iris getting home?
hopefully my brother takes her

lets keep out fingers crossed

maybe he'll do it for a fucken cheeseburger




so i came home from the indie fm show at the echoplex

it was so hard getting alcohol
all the fucken "hipster" in echo park wouldn't buy me alcohol, i was so angry.
i mean fuck
i even looked like one of them

but thank god for a bum that got me a flask of vodka
He got me in such a good mood that i gave him two dollars

after that
i sat in a bus stop and drank it with coke
so fucken yummy
and i was missing is a cig
but after i finished drinking i walk to the the echo

i don't remember much
i was boarder line about to blackout

i remember crying out side the patio
and then making out with some random guy
that's all i remember

such a random night.


dropdead987: last cig i had was like 2 weeks ago
jOe saves beEs: oh
jOe saves beEs: you are so not addicted
jOe saves beEs: i had to quit
dropdead987: Nope im not addicted, im a social smoker
dropdead987: ill probaly buy a pack tomorrow
dropdead987: of no.9's
jOe saves beEs: no.9s?
dropdead987: Its the new cigs from camel, they come in a cute black box with a baby blue outline
jOe saves beEs: awww
jOe saves beEs: lol
jOe saves beEs: hehe
jOe saves beEs: youre cute
jOe saves beEs: even your ciggs need style
dropdead987: Hahaha =]

January 3, 2009


anyone wanna watch this with me?
omg! i cant wait
im as excited as i was when the miley cyrus concert
went 3-d too!


febuary please come faster

can't sleep

i have no idea why i can't sleep.
I've been on myspace since like 12:30am and now its 6am

wat is worng with me?
i stayed up all night talking to iris and dr. Smith


im in my room listening to She&Him
pretty good band
i love zooey deschanels voice

in the other hand i have blogged in a while
here's a few things you need to know

i had a crapy christmas
even a crappier new years

and the last time i went out was with ashley and alana to Go-Commando and we didn't even stay that long cause ashley got kick out for no reason
how gay
i can't wait to see out pictures from youngandsleek
hopefully they came out alright

well i have nothing else to talk about
going thift shopping tomorrow