September 25, 2008

adventures in chinatown

so i haven't blogged in 3 dayz, sorry.

so on monday i went to go see hotchip at carson daily taping.
it was hella dope me and priscilla were in the front row
funny part was i saw the guyz from 1iota. the ones that me and iris saw at the jonas brothers sign up.
another thing priscilla was dancing in front of the crowd with other people for a gift card from subway hahaha
but she won a t-shirt.

anyway ways now moving on to today

so i was in spanish class and i decided to aim devanie
and all of a sudden i end up leaving school and go home to get ready to go to chinatown.

i love doing things randomly.
so i meet up with dev at broadway and 7th
and she was looking cute
omg i feel inlove with her shoes, she said she got them at rite-aid

so imma try to get them. mos deff

so finally me and dev head off to chinatown
we took so many pictures

i love it there
i haven't been there in so long so i was happy to go
we got so many braclets and charms
OMFG! dev got me this koi fish gold and blue charm and i love it! i turned it to a necklace
but yea at the end i invited her to eat and we eat at ssbarros
which has the bomb ass gralic bread and cheese pizza!

overall i had so much fun
this made my week
cause im not really feelin school at the momment

but devanie if yr reading this

so tomorrows friday
here's wat imma do
get up
go to school
come home
and sleep

oh wow how exciting
hahaha :D

hopefully something good happends at school
hopefully they won't say nothing about ditching my 5&6 period