October 23, 2008

off the deep end.

i know its 3:20am

but fuck i can't sleep at all.
why now? :[
I've notice that i have lower self-esteem than i did before.
my frist period teacher tells me i always look sad in her class and my third period teacher always asks me "are you ok today?" and all i do is give him a fake smile and say "just fine"
i don't know was wrong with me
i can't even wear a simple t-shirt without me thinking that imma look like a fat whale
i always cover myself up with some sort of jacket, sweater or vest.
even when its blazzing hot, im the only retard wearing a sweater.

dosent low self esteem cause depression?
because it sure feels like it
sometimes i wonder how my life would be if I've were skinny like a stick.

i probaly need therapy or something.

someone please help me.

ps. I haven't been working out lately, just taking diet pills.