August 30, 2008

travis sexual harassment lawsuit.

on wendesday i went to go see travis barker and DJ A.M
at the roxy
oh man i was so lucky that my cousin called me and said he had an extra ticket
well dj am and travis barker were amzzzzing!
and travis barker gave me a hug!
ohhh man it was so sexxxxy lol
he was all sweaty
hahah i secretly grab is ass
hahaha what can i say
i couldnt help myself im a man

after that we went to dennys all drunk
and the i went home to masterbate
hahaha im kidding

August 26, 2008


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today was the season premire of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency
and i must say the show is way more hotter than last season lol
hopefully they have more nudity in this season

and here are some of my favorite models

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j.p and c.c are old models from last season
and damn there my favorite hot models
and heres a new model named paulina from russia

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how does that grab you?

this is wat ive been listening to for the last 2 weeks
i love nancy sinatra
i notice i say 'love' and 'like' alot
its getting on my nerves


August 25, 2008

NY goes to hollywood

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this is watch ive been watching every monday for 3 weeks
shes so funny and wow does she have an attitude.. No suprise there
i loved new york ever since ive seen her on Flavor of Love
now she has a reailty show
shes trying to become an actor, will see how far this goes.

on another topic
"the FAKES" i mean the "The Hills"
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lauren been getting on my nerves lately
with her expensive boring clothing line which got drop by Kitson
lol they probaly dropped her cause shes wasnt making sales
and seriously you could get look-alikes at target for $25 bucks
theres nothing special about her clothing line
so mtv is saying the hills is not scripted
and that they had to re-take scenes cause of the paparazzi
there are no paparazzis in the apartment dumb asses
some excuse
the only reason theres drama on the show is beacuse the more drama the cast brings in the more they get paid! wow
money hungry sluts!


mexican Yelle.

so yesterday i came upon to daniela y su sonido lasser
i must say she reminds me of an mexican Yelle
i really like her and her lyrics are pretty funny
and if u live under a rock and dont know who Yelle is
then here you go lol
thank me for saving you from future embrassment

August 24, 2008

how you doinnn'?!?

miss williams is off air till 09'
wendy williams had a talk show on fox and upn for a 6 week sneak preview
and i must say i love her show!
lucky she got picked up to do a whole season but not till next year
shes is really funny and always has good advice

another show to look out for is

this show is pretty fuuny
i love it she makes fun of her mom
and she has a mini assistant.
hmmmmm...... i wonder where she got that idea from?
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chuy and chelsea

are little people the hot new trend?
i want a little bestfriend now
lol jussst kidding

ps. just so everyone knows
im not really watching THE HILLS
it really got boring and everthing is scripted
so much for "reailty tv"
lauren is getting on my last nerves

gossip girl calling

i woke up this morning and got a voice mail from Gossip Girl
no, not from serena van der woodsen a.k.a my sister or blair waldorf
its was from the narrator, you know the one that gives us the hottest gossip during the show and at the end shes known for saying "xoxo gossip girl"
yea her! so shes said "jaime van der woodsen, does serena have another brother we dont know about? will see about that. join the gossip girl fan club text 'gossip' to 334455 and receive the 411 before anyone else by personal fone calls and make sure you watch the new season of gossip girl, you wont wanna miss it. xoxo gossip girl"
i was tripping out! i was like she really said my name!
hahaha oh man, that made my day! seriously

25 mins later.....
i turn on the tv with nothing to watch
so i go 'ON DEMAND' to see wat movie there giving
and i stumbeled a movie called BURNT MONEY

it take place in 1965 and it tells the true story of Angel and Sam, gay lovers who turn to crime, bank robbery and murder, holding Argentina and Uruguay in suspense as they lead the authorities on a two-month-long manhunt.
man that movie is fucken intense and i love it!
its in spanish with sub-titles but i didnt need to read the sub-titles lol
i understand spanish hello haha

wat else was i gonna blog about?
ohhh yea
my brothe was in jail friday for having drugss in his car but they werent his there were our niebors drugs
wat suprised me was that, no it wasnt just weed
it was cocaine and meth
i would of stole it from him if i knew!
so he got out saturday cause his girlfriend made bail for him
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later he acted like nothing happend so he told me if i wanted to go to a party and i said fine
i got all dressed up
it was the chunty-est party ever!
ghetto ass sluty latinas everwhere
but the drinks were so good!
i drank so much i was dancing next to the dj with a few girls
hahaha talk about pimp status
there was this guy that caught my eye
lol he was hella fine!
we talked and stuff
but we didnt do anthing nasty
i got his number but avoided him the rest of the night cause i didnt wanna make a move on him with my brother there at the party
one of the reasons i dont like to go out and party with family
so a got a lot of compliment about my grey metallic jacket from american apparel duh!
hahah most of the guys were like "damn that jacket is hard, were u got it at"
and before the party my brother was making fun of me cause i was wearing it
haha even his friends like it so that shut him up
i got home early like around 12:30am
and went to sleeep.

well thats all i had to say lol
will see how today turns out

August 23, 2008

queen bitches.

the show i like to watch "On Demand"
cause my mom didnt wanna pay for THE N 'tv for teens' channel
but this is one of my favorite tv shows
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ps. season finale of degrassi was last week
most of the cast graduates high school
and now off to college
hopefully they come out with a new season with most of the old charcters
manny and darcy are my favorite in the show

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in need of 250 bux

so miley cyrus aka hannah montana
will celebrate her 16th birthday at Disneyland on October 5th.
starting August 30th, some of you might be able to buy tickets to the "exclusive event".
A limited number of tickets will be sold starting August 30th for the amount of$250.00 at

i wanna go so badly!
imagine if miley gets all crazy drunk
we could have a disney orgy!
that would be hella sexxxy

someone plz let me borrow 250 bux
ill pay you back later
this event could make my life just that much better

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zac gets pranked.

August 22, 2008

the heist;

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so last night i texted alana saying
"hey u wanna go the heist?"
shes text back
"idk maybe ill txt you round 8 or 9 pm and will see whats up"
so i took a shower around 9:30pm thiking i wasnt going cause alana didnt txt me back so when i got out the shower i saw a txt from alana that said im on my way
i was trippin out cause i only have like 20 mins to get ready
so i decide to wear short shorts, a cut up subhumans tee and my gray jacket
haha my nipple were kinda showing cause of the way the shirt was cut up
so alana pick me up with bird
i ran out the house with my hair still wet but i was like fuck it imma get sweaty anyways
so were on the way to the heist and bird is a really cool chick
shes hella funny, we got along fine even tho we didnt know each other
so alana found a parking spot and we parked
bird and alana gave me there money to buy alcohol
and it was fucken easy! buy alcohol never been so easy
oi was so suprised that lady hardly checked it
and yea i got 2 sparks and a micky
me, alana and bird just chilled at a corner and drank
we had a few laughs
and yea so went to wait in line and i was fucken sweating bullets
cause its the frist time i use my id at the heist
so it took us 30 mins of waiting in line
and damn there was this one hot guy waiting in line behind us
so the some bouncers come up a started screaming "LADIES USE THE EXPRESS LINE"
so alana and bird go inside while i wait in line
ps. i was broke so alana paid for my entrance
and yea once i got up there
they cheacked my id and everthing was cool till some fucken bouncer said "he cant come in hes wearing shorts"
ohhh man oh man i was so tipsy i was like im not leaving till i make a scene
i said "plz can i go in, my friends are in there. ill suck your dick after the heist, i promise"
he was like "i cant let you in cause its a dress code thing" and he had the nerve to say "u could still suck my dick"
haha people were just laugh at wat i said
and i left.
i went to go buy a bottle of vodka with the 10 dollar entrance money
and i saw the hot guy walking towards me i said "wat happen"
he said "they didnt let me in cause i had coke on me"
i was like "Aww that sux, u wanna shot of my vodka"
he was like 'oh man thnx bro i needed that"
then he left and i was like i could take the buss home
so i walked and block down to catch the number 4
and there were lots of fucken punks
i was talking to the hot ones and they said that they were coming back from a GBH show at the key club
but yea we rode the same bus and one of them were drinking
the bus driver said "THROW THE BOTTLE AWAY OR WE WONT GO"
and you know punks with there smart mouths
so i was like come on man just throw it away
i have vodka in my fanny pack
so they threw it away
and 2 stops before mine the bus driver saw cops at the 7/11
and he pulled over and said that we were harassing him
so the cops took all of us out the bus
and the guy mike i was talking to was freaking out so was i
and he was talking all extra fast saying "oh man i been drinking way to much and im only 19 if the catch me im going to jail"
so me and him decide to play it slick and run our ass!
so we walked little by little while the cops were busy giving out tickets
and after 5 mins we heard sirens and we fucken ran!!!!
there was a gate we had to jump so we wont get caught
who knew i could hop a fence
it was probaly just the all the alcohol ive been driking
i lost mike but i found my way home
i got home all fucked up and my knees were all dirty from hoping fences
but this morning i found out i chipped one of my teeth
wierd idk how it happend
but ohh wells
hahaha some story
my life is fucken crazzzzzy!

August 19, 2008

new nylon

i just got the new nylon september issue
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im so happy
they cover couldnt get any better than this!
90210 girls!
and the one in the left is a former degrassi star Shenae Grimes a.k.a Darcy
i love her! but all the stars of degrasssi are getting big
but she hit the jackpot!
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sunday funday.

so sunday i was bored at home
and scillla called me out of nowhere
ans said she was gonna pick me up and go to
collective souls yard sale
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

i was so happy cause i didnt wannaride the bus or go by myself... again
and yea i had a great time!
sean taalked to me about selling my stuff there
and that they were gonna do the yard sale every month
oh yess!
i had a few drinksss ohh haaay!
scilla gott alot of good stuff
lol i didnt spent money cause i was saving my 50 bux for
the gossip girl dvd set and the hannah monata 3-d dvd
hahaha im a true fucken fan!

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August 17, 2008

jonas bonus!

so i got a ticket to jonas brother for MTV VMAs
and now im trying to iris a ticket so i wont go by myself
i dont wanna be surrounded by horny little 11 yrs olds.
hopefully i do get her a ticket!

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dropdead987: Imma confess my true love to joe jonasss! Haha i got
tickets homegurrrl! :D
liillolita: dude
liillolita: i hate you
liillolita: how
liillolita: sell me one
liillolita: i will
liillolita: fucking
liillolita: suck your dick
liillolita: lick your ass
liillolita: be your slave
liillolita: for EVER
dropdead987: sorry boo boo im gayyy! Haha and i got my tickets for free
liillolita: awww
liillolita: lucky
liillolita: i hate you
liillolita: i was waiting to buy them
liillolita: and then BAM
liillolita: 20 seconds later
dropdead987: Imma try to get to a ticket so u could have my leftoverz
aka nick and the other one
dropdead987: Haha
liillolita: HAHA
liillolita: DEAL
dropdead987: Haha ailight!! Ill let u know in 3 dayz to see if i got u a
ticket. Cross yer fingersss!
liillolita: kk
liillolita: omg
liillolita: im praying
liillolita: hahaha
dropdead987: Haha imma give joe my purity ring ahaha
liillolita: NO WAY
liillolita: ima give him my hannah montan
liillolita: chonies
liillolita: with my name
liillolita: and phone number
liillolita: written on them
dropdead987: Ohhhh snapzzz
liillolita: haha
dropdead987: Http://
dropdead987: Haha
liillolita: HAHHAHA
dropdead987: I have ticket to metro station too so imma rape mileys
brother hahah heeeeey
liillolita: ew his ugly
liillolita: dude
liillolita: i used to han gout iwht him
liillolita: i liked him better
liillolita: when he wasn't
liillolita: all
liillolita: with his tattoos
dropdead987: Idk im attracted to hotmesses like him haha
liillolita: lolol
liillolita: cute
[AVAILABLE] The Bloody Beetroots - Crookers Purple Lens
dropdead987: Hopefully i get you a ticket, i don't wanna be surroundedd
by myself by horny little 11 year oldz
liillolita: LOL
liillolita: i know me too
dropdead987: Imma pray to my jo-bros poster every night :D
dropdead987: That's how i got my frist ticket haha
liillolita: omggg
liillolita: yes please
liillolita: hahahah
liillolita: ima finish making out
liillolita: wiht my
liillolita: joe picture
liillolita: hahha
dropdead987: hahahaaaaa!
liillolita: :D
dropdead987: Bring a rooffie so we could drug joe and sexual molest him
liillolita: YES
liillolita: please
dropdead987: Haha will take turns
liillolita: haha
liillolita: kkk
dropdead987: then will prank call demi and selina and talk sum shittt
liillolita: FUCK THOSE PUTAS
liillolita: hahhaha
liillolita: demi and her gap
dropdead987: Hahaha i know dirty ass $lutz
dropdead987: I don't like em
liillolita: hahaha
liillolita: me either

her ticket ticket is still pending
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August 16, 2008


i lost my purity ring!

i think joe jonas has it
or zac efron
maybe even vanessa hudgns


help me find it!

lets have a sexy night tonight!
ill buy the whip cream and you bring the rest :D

back on the pill

no not "the pill"
but back on diet pillz
i take 4 pillz aday
and when i take them i feel so fucken full
its like i went to hometown buffet and ate everthing in there
but i only eat a piece of wheat beard and a hard boiled egg
i love the diet pillz
i wanna see results quick!

i wanna be a size 34 in pants!
im currently a size 36

hopefully ill reach my goal before september


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ps. american apparel said there goona call us on saturday if we got the job
and i got no calls and its towards the end of the day
so i guess im not gonna work there :[
oh wellz

life is full of rejection
when one door closes another door opens.
ill just take sewing classes at night at L.A.C.C

cat fight

Apparently, Serena and Blair get into a huge fight scene in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl.

The pair filmed this fight scene at a house in Brooklyn. There was plenty of hair-pulling, shoving and shouting!

Hmmm i wonder if its because Serena & Nate hooked up again ?

will just have to wait to find out!

sick and tired

of scene hair
its so unoriginal, boring and ugly
and every fucken body has this style

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gossip talk.

you cant tell me that these vidoes dont make you wanna watch gossip girl.
i know some people that didnt watch the frist season and cant wait to watch the second season.
you know im excited to watch this!
im so obssesd with this show!
thats why im
Jaime Van Der Woodsen

3 weeks

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

till school starts and im going to a new school
and i won't know anybody.
damn belmont
hopefully i wont be a loner :[[

i lowkey miss locke high
so many cool people and so many drugssss
imma miss the ppl there
and ill miss mr.browns sexyass

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


gezzz will how this school year will turn out.

August 13, 2008

tuesday and wednesday.

on tuesday lizzie came to my house and meet up with devanie at mc. donalds next to the american apparel warehouse to do a little "shopping" lol
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

the only reason i really wanted to go is to get the thermalchromatic tshirts
and i didnt get one shirt, i got two!
yay! thnx lizzie :]]
i love playing with my shirts

and i guess greed got the best of us
cause when we went to the american apparel in sunset lizzie got caught stealing 2 micro mesh tshirts
which sux cause the manager was scraming at her like crazy
and shes was planning to apply for a job there.
well the manager said me and devanie could come back for the interview
so we did
went went back to american apparel on wednesday with alana and devanie
the interview went fine, they said they'll call me on saturday if i got the job
so hopefully i do get it
i need a job for $$$$$

August 9, 2008

paris for prez.

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

thats wat mc.cain (a.k.a old wrinklie dude) gets for trying to use paris hilton to make fun of obama for his camplain.
hahaha paris hilton made hot tee shirts
i really want one!!!! seriously
ill do anything

ill probaly get one when i get a new saving account card

loves it!

August 7, 2008

oct. 28

come with me to see Nicholas Megalis
i love him!

hes gonna be at the knitting factory

come with me plzz!

echo park.

today i went for a walk in echo park with my little cousin
then i deicided to go to Vons cause we were all out of vegeterian food.
i had fun! even tho she talked alot

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

i meet a cool guy at vons
here remindered me of this guy me and lizzie use to know at rite aid named memo
damn he was hot lmao!
i remeber when he bought us a botttle of vodka and me and lizzie went to hollywood all fucken drunk and shit!
hahaha we drank the whole bottle
man, good times good times!

oh yea about yesyerday
i couldnt get in reach of lizzie so i just invited my brothers friend to go with me to F'N Mtv
itts was tiiight!
SANTOGOLD perfromed

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i got to meet pete wentz
all i was thinking about was
"wow, i have ur nude pix on my fone"
bhahahah! jussst kidin

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but he was hotter in person.
i had load of fun!


ps. im keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully i get the FFTL tickets
ill know at 1PM.then ill call lizzie to rush over here lol
im doing this fer her
im not a big fan of FFTL

gezzz im such a good friend

August 5, 2008


he couldnt get any sexier than this.
i have a little boy crush

August 4, 2008

7 dayz.

till me and lizzie go see steve aoki at D.A.N.C.E

im not really in the mood to go at the moment
dance just got boring
i almost go every week and its lost its groove
hopefully that would change once the week is over
i need alcohol and $$$$$.
and both of them i dont have :[
i wanna go to american apparel cause i really want that
thermalchromatic shirt its really badd ass.

it changes color with body heat.
i want atleast 2 of these shirts
and my mom said i cant touch my money till november
which sux but imma use my money for a sewing machine cause i really want one
i wanna take my clothing line to the next level

oh yea i worked out this morning for 45 mins
which is pretty good, and im eating lightly
and driking lots of water.
gezzz i need diet pillz for an extra boost.

new juicy ads.

these are the new juicy couture ads.
wat do you think?
i must say i like them alot
very sexy!
thank god they used luke worrell.

sunday showtime

this wat you'll see me watching every sunday cause i fell in with these shows.
ive been waiting forever for sunset tan season2
thanx E!

ps. the kardashians got signed on to do a third season of keeping up with the kardashians. this so exciting cause i love kourtney k. :D

pss. kourtneys in the pink <3