November 4, 2008

monday funday.

on monday i was getting ready for YELLE
then i got a text from alana
saying "i cant go, my mom is mama for no reason"
i was kinda mad cause it was last minute
but hey
i told my dad to take me
he was mad cause i keep going out lolzz
but i got there kinda late
there was a girl outside, she was cute
she asked "are u going in?"
i said wierdly "yea? why?"
then she said "oh cause my friend only had two tickets for yelle and he thought he could sneak me in but now im stuck out here"
then i said "i dont have to sneak you in, i have an extra ticket"
hahaha she look so excited and hugged me
and PLUS her friend was a hot piece of ass
i made new frannnzz
she gave me her numnber, i gave her mine.
so YELLE was fucken tiiiight!
i love that bitch
after she performed and the camera stopped rolling i screamed
"nous faisons du temps sexy"
which means lets make sexy time in french
she fucken smiled at me!
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