September 28, 2008

i love money & charm school

season finaly of i love money is next sunday
oh how i love megan and brandi c.

i hope megan wins the money!
fuck whiteboy and real
but i get to see more of megan and brandi
on the new vh1 show
rock of love: Charm School

i really think they should get there own show
or something


September 27, 2008

awww friends

awww alana is too nice!
i love her!
hopefully we party as often as we did before

but this should be fun!
or ill make it fun!!!!

hahaha hellzz yes!

September 26, 2008


i left school early because i was so mad.
there trying to switch my classes
gezzz i fucken hate schools bullshit

i feel like droppin out so badly.


September 25, 2008

adventures in chinatown

so i haven't blogged in 3 dayz, sorry.

so on monday i went to go see hotchip at carson daily taping.
it was hella dope me and priscilla were in the front row
funny part was i saw the guyz from 1iota. the ones that me and iris saw at the jonas brothers sign up.
another thing priscilla was dancing in front of the crowd with other people for a gift card from subway hahaha
but she won a t-shirt.

anyway ways now moving on to today

so i was in spanish class and i decided to aim devanie
and all of a sudden i end up leaving school and go home to get ready to go to chinatown.

i love doing things randomly.
so i meet up with dev at broadway and 7th
and she was looking cute
omg i feel inlove with her shoes, she said she got them at rite-aid

so imma try to get them. mos deff

so finally me and dev head off to chinatown
we took so many pictures

i love it there
i haven't been there in so long so i was happy to go
we got so many braclets and charms
OMFG! dev got me this koi fish gold and blue charm and i love it! i turned it to a necklace
but yea at the end i invited her to eat and we eat at ssbarros
which has the bomb ass gralic bread and cheese pizza!

overall i had so much fun
this made my week
cause im not really feelin school at the momment

but devanie if yr reading this

so tomorrows friday
here's wat imma do
get up
go to school
come home
and sleep

oh wow how exciting
hahaha :D

hopefully something good happends at school
hopefully they won't say nothing about ditching my 5&6 period

September 22, 2008

new nylon

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just got home and i got the new nylon
its pretty dope
and cory kennedy is in it of course its the "it girl issue"

so today at school i made new friends in my 5th period class
awwww :]
there hella tigght
and there big fans of american apparel
LyyKe 0mGz

so imma go see hot chip with priscilla
were going to the carson daily show in burbank

hoepfully everything goes good tonight

September 21, 2008


Oh man yesterday was fucken crazzzy!

Oh shit
i blackout hella fast
haahah i almost drank half a bottle of vodka.

so yesterday alana txted me
and she said she couldn't go to blow up l.a
i was all sad cause i really wanted to go to
but i wasn't going to stay home on a saturday night with money and vodka
so i went to Hang the Djss at The Echo.
sad to say but i went by myself :[
but i meet some cool guyz there
Its so funny how talkative and social i am when im drunk lolz
they thought i was 26
if they only knew i could get them thrown in jail
but yea i went to someguys house named christian and adam
honestly after just drinking one at there house i blackoutttt.

i kinda rember walking home when the sun was coming out
after that everthing is a burry mess.

Lets just say i came home with out my boxers LAWLS!!

boyss just wanna have funnnnnnn!

chanel is calling

this fone is coming out in 2010
i want it!
i heard its gonna top all the other designer fones.
its probaly gonna be pricey too
i better start saving up!

that fucken dior phone that cost over $2 gran
not worth it
its a piece of shit fone that looks like a razr with a blanket cover

September 20, 2008

get well soon

ma boo travis is hurt :'[
i hope he's ok
imma go fly out there with my dj am and trvs t-shirt to the hospital to bring travis sum flowers and a get well card.

well here's the the sum of the artical

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Hours after performing for thousands of South Carolina college students, former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and celebrity DJ AM were critically injured in a fiery Learjet crash that killed four people, authorities said Saturday.

Officials said the plane carrying six people was departing shortly before midnight Friday when air traffic controllers reporting seeing sparks. The plane hurtled off the end of a runway and crashed through antennas and a fence. It came to rest on an embankment across a five-lane highway and was engulfed in flames, said Debbie Hersman, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board.

Barker and DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, were in critical condition at a burn center in Augusta, Ga., about 75 miles southwest of Columbia, hospital spokeswoman Beth Frits said.

Two other passengers — Chris Baker, 29, of Studio City, Calif., and Charles Still, 25, of Los Angeles — died, as did pilot Sarah Lemmon, 31, of Anaheim Hills, Calif., and co-pilot James Bland, 52, of Carlsbad, according to the county coroner. Baker was an assistant to Barker and Still was a security guard for the musician.

The plane was headed for Van Nuys, Calif. It is owned by Global Exec Aviation, a California-based charter company, and was certified to operate last year, Hersman said. The company said it had no immediate comment.

At the crash site Saturday, the air was still heavy with the odor of jet fuel. A trail of black soot led off a runway. The nose of the aircraft was gone and the roof was missing from two-thirds of the charred plane.

"It's absolutely terrible and tragic," Columbia Mayor Bob Coble said

September 19, 2008


school was so boring today
i dont even know why i went

but and made a new friend in 6th period
id doubt will be hanging out or anything thing
shes just cool to talk too tho
we have lots of things in common like...
drugss and alcohol

but anywayz tomorrow!!!!!


its gonna be dope!
i still need to find sumthing to wear!
ohhh gezzzz.

but yea as you all know i fucken hate katy perry

this stupid bitch could go die with her damn song
she reminds me of another girl i hate
that stupid bitch from project runway

no talk.

today i didn't talk to jacob at all.
im scared to go up to him and say "hi im jaime" ill probaly end up saying "jaime im hi" hahaha

day three, and he still dosent know who i am
oh wellz

so im totally looking foward to BLOW UP L.A this saturday.
hopefully there not strict bastard with the I.D'z

lets see anyone up dates on my life...

well im still working on the lolafoxxx tee shirtss,
its coming out good
ill show you previewz when i scan my drawings.

that's aboutt it.

ps. i hate gay guyz that have chola eyebrows and have girl piercings, especially the monroe piercing. either you look like a ghetto bitch from c0MpTon or you look you like you have a big ass nasty mole that shines. and i hate when they dress in the tacky-est clothes ever. its like you only shop and anchor blue, hollister and the swapmeet.
like that nastyfuck in my history class
eww i can't fucken stand him!

one more thing
lipgloss is for girls
i don't like when guyz use it
you look like a stupid tranny
HELLO its called chapstick
use that shit



gezz im full of hate

September 18, 2008

no vodka, no fun


someone just reminded me that i cant buy alcohol till 10am
and i go in to school at 8am

oh fuck
imma try to talk to jacob sober
or ill find another way to get drunk
beer? ewww nasty

best cheap vodka

September 17, 2008

Roybal Learning Complex pt.2

with all the hot teachers in the school
i might just put one in jail
im not 18 yet boyzz

when im sad....

i listen to tiny tim
he makes me to happy and make me wanna jump up for joy! :D

i dont care if u dont like him
hes cool to me

Roybal Learning Complex

its sounds like a school for retards
why cant they just call it a high school
now my friends think im going to a retard school


Oh hellz naw
This school is full of chunts/cholos/cholas and metal heads
The school is nice and all but wow the people here are very annoying
maybe that why i don't have any friends
i just talk to the people in my class but like just little conversation
but i have a small crush on a guy name jacob
Hahahaha he's hella cute
and he's fosho gay
I've heard him talk about he's ex bfs to his friends
so tomorrow imma try to talk to him somehow
I really need some courage
or a bottle of vodka

gezzz i really need to be more outgoing and social
oh wellz

Ps. Never chew gum and laugh
hahahaha bad idea

pss. im doing really good in school
i have really really good grades
will see how long i could keep that up

September 8, 2008

the VMA's

yesterday was amzing!
heres the story

yesterday i woke up all hungover over from the night before
haha i got wasted at a pool party
so i clean my room
then i was texting iris
she said she was on her way
2 hours later she said she was lost
so me and my brother had to save her
she came to my house got all ready

we got all ready and stuff
we were looking bombin
then my brother took us taco bell

then astroburger to we could eat there
then i bought vodka and iris drank the wine i had at my house
we walked for miles and miles
and finaly got there
got our wristbands and while we were waiting in line
we meet up with iris's friends
there were fun and funny
ps. shes has a cute frann hahaha!
so we saw spencer and heidi from the hillz duh!
then we saw the jonas brothers!
i was so speechless
were were so FUCKEN close to them!
it was unbelievable

i had such a good night
at the end we got to see boring kayne west
and the the ting tings
but i didnt enjoy them cause i was so tired
the we took the bus home
my mom feed iris :D
then she went home

the end.....

ps.i would of have gave your more details but i got lazy

September 7, 2008


so me and iris are going to the vmas to see the jonas brothers
i think you all already know that


were trying our best to get in into the afterparty
she has a friend that works at red bull
and my cousin has a company that idk
but i know he has passes to the party
i wanna go so badly!

so iris is on the way right now and its 8:21am
she coming from orange county so she might get here around 10ish
were gonna be at my house hanging out getting drunkish
gettin all dolled up

will see how today turns outtt

September 4, 2008

nylon podcast

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Download NYLON's greatest hits on Podcast, including the infamous Mary Kate cover shoot, the interview where Blake Lively denied hating Leighton Meester but admitted she was having Brad's baby, and the surrealist masterpiece, "In Bed With The Kills."

click here for podcast

japan fashion wek

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

oh how i would love to be in japan for fashion week
i would kill to be there!
i love the use of color and creativity

cure for depression

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September 3, 2008


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cory kennedy

ps. i want this shirt

a big hit!

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90210 was a big hit!
i heard the ratings were HUGE!
at frist i was like i cant watch 2 hours of this
but wow did i get hooked
the 2 hours past by quick
and left me wanting for more!!!!

hopefully tilly on the wall dosent get played out like the ting tings did when they aired in gossip girl.

man! im looking forward for every monday and tuesday!

September 2, 2008

90210 Gossip

tonight 90210 makes a comeback!
im really excited
either this is gonna be a big bust
or a big hit!
i heard that Tilly and the wall will be performing

and the other hand

did anyone see last night Gossip Girl?!?
wow it was fucken good!
i mean alot of ppl have been tellin me it was gonna suck and that all the girls were ugly
but im a true fan
i watched it and fell in love with it again
thank god
imma have something good to watch diuring the school year

September 1, 2008

7 more dayz!

till me and iris go to the VMA's
to see The Jonas Brothers
im so fucken excited!


my love.

i always love miley/hannah :D