November 30, 2008

l a s t s a t u r d a y.

just got home from some randoms guys house
wow wat a night

not really proud of myself
but i cant control myself when im under the influence of drugs and alcohol

bang was crazy with bird and alana
we meet the craziest people

and did anyone its the hollywood prade tomorrow?
for christmas

but yea its 4:59am
and i got home around 4:15am
thank god my dad was in the bathroom
but there gonna ask me "wat i was doing?" and "were i was?"
what the fuck do i say

fuck i feel like imma be grounded untill i turn 25
or maybe im just over thinking it

man im still "rollin" on E
but i could still type?
weird maybe it help me type straight
cause if i was drunk id be making no sense right now

well imma go listen to more techno and trip a bit more

hopefully hopefully everthing turns out good.