February 23, 2009

no phone.

so i lost my fone on saturday.
maybe cause i was so fucken drunk
i miss my fone so much
i feel so naked without it
id probaly get a new one in 4 weeks,
till then i wont be able to go out
i mean how else will i get in contact with my friends?

i have 0 contacts

might as well focus on school


i wanna learn this dance so badly
wish me luck


February 21, 2009

Suite life on deck

yesterday i went to a taping for Suite Life On Deck with ashley, miguel & others.
it was pretty cool
one of the twins were singing lady gaga's poker face lol
and i fell inlove with brenda song she's so funny.
and Bailey a.k.a debbie ryan was so nice she even signed a piece of my script


Hanging Djs tonight

who wants to get drunk with me before we go in?
holler at me beezy
i already have a oufit in mind
it dosent scream 20's, but it will do for tonight

whos going?

Hottie O'Day

where do they sell playboy?
so i could buy this!
i love you aubrey

February 19, 2009

February 11, 2009


lets all go and take pictures of our exes



2 more days

I've found a date for Lovers & Strangers

Ashleyyyy <3

now I need to find a boyfriend for the night =D

Hopefully I get crazy drunk and have fun with my bestie iris
were gonna be on the prowl for guyz



February 10, 2009

senior year

Imma buy it a.s.a.p
im such a little kid in the inside.

February 8, 2009

weird weather.

we've been having weird weather lately
im scared to go out
yesterday it looked like it wasn't gonna rain and the minute i step out it was pouring and i left had left my jacket at home.

monday i start a new semester at roybal.
no, AEE is not kicking me out because im not missing a lot of credits
and on top of that i have night school starting feb 16.




February 7, 2009

s t r i c t

strick diet starting monday.

i need to lose 20 pounds.

the only thing i won't cut back on is
vodka + diet coke.

will see how long i could keep this up.


February 6, 2009


cheapthrillzx69: i can't wait till next saturday
liillolita: omgz
liillolita: i know
liillolita: partay
cheapthrillzx69: Hopeffully alana could go
liillolita: if not
liillolita: we'll pick you up
liillolita: or something
cheapthrillzx69: we'll?
cheapthrillzx69: you and andrew?
liillolita: andrewwww
cheapthrillzx69: Omg you guys are gonna smell like sex
cheapthrillzx69: lolz
liillolita: ew
liillolita: not even
liillolita: shut up
cheapthrillzx69: Hahahaha
liillolita: hahah
liillolita: a
cheapthrillzx69: imma try to find a date! i do not wanna be a thrid wheel
liillolita: ew
liillolita: ima find you one
liillolita: jez
cheapthrillzx69: hahaha yay
cheapthrillzx69: Craigslist
cheapthrillzx69: Haha
liillolita: ROFLZ
liillolita: eharmony
cheapthrillzx69: im banned from that website for posting n00dz

cheapthrillzx69: Haha
liillolita: OMG
liillolita: shut up
cheapthrillzx69: Hahaha
liillolita: :D

help me find a date for valetines day.


early out.

all i have to say is....
what a day.


ps. my mom just left as i write this. I get to stay out as long as i want.
Who's wants to be my valentine for STANGERS & LOVERS loft party?

p.s.s. Lets make plans.

February 5, 2009

buy me, plz.

so lily allens Cd comes out on Tuesday and until til February 16th you can buy it for just $3.99!
wow thats really cheap, i was gonna buy it either way
i became a huge lily allen fan when her frist cd came out
and she seem to be getting better and better.

February 3, 2009

The Fear

im in love with this song


ps. lily allen is iris's twin.


this is what i do when im bored

ps. plz take me out friday night

plz & thnk u

February 1, 2009


i was gonna buy these shoes but my mom said i was gonna get shot when i wear these

ps. Finals week is this week, imma be pulling my hair and not going out at all and study, study, study!
on friday imma go crazzzy
buy me a drink or 5?



number 5

new shirt.
i made it in 10 mins
stenciling is getting easier and easier