December 21, 2008

can you call me "SLUTY" ?!?

so on friday iris came over... late haha
we went american vintage but didnt really find anything to wear
so we walked back to my house all tired and cold
by the time we got to my house it was getting late and devanie was on her way
so i asked my cousin for a ride (BAD IDEA)
he was such a bad driver cause he was fucken wasted
i thought i was gonna die that night
but i didnt lolz
so me and iris got a huge bottle popov vodka
hahahaha can you say alcoholic?
so we me up with devanie
and got drunk next to a laundry
i meet some really cool guys
and i thought they were cute
and they said somthing about Models Of Pride
in my head i was like "YESSSS! they must be gay or bisexual!"
the night for me passed but really quick
but i end up making out with both of them all night

then next day
i spent the day with iris cause she slept over
my mom invited her to the mall and she said yes beacuse
she didnt have a ride home
so when went to the mall and made fun of most of the people there
later that day me and iris picked up a bottle of vodka
we went home, took a shower
and started getting drunk
then we went to HTDJs all drunk
on the way there i was signing
GNO by hannah montana
what a fun nigght
when i got home my brother took iris home
and we got late night jack in the box

can we do this again for xmas or new years eve?