November 2, 2008

halloween weekenddd.


i went to HTDJz.
then went back home and to wait for alana to go to west hollywood
it didnt go as planned
all that traffic killed us
we didnt make it to west hollywood
we made it to hollywood and
the night just got worse
we finally found paking, and we walked around
i seriously felt like i was in compton
there were ghetto bitches everywhere, fat bitches with extra small clothes
so nasty and i felt like i was gonna get jumpped
and we could find a fucken liquor store that was open >:[
so we just went home all bummed.


i woke up with nasty ciggrette breath, crusty eyes on 3 hours of sleep.
i texted alana to see if she was awake and she was haha
when alana got here we went straight to rite aid and got a HUGE bottle
of vodka hahaha it was a dream come true
we almost got lost on the way to models of pride
but we didnt
but on the way we feed sum homeless cute puppies
so when we parked we got ready to get our drinkkkk on!
wow i was drunk the whole time
i kinda had a feeling a few ppl knew
hahaha mean its hella obvious when im drunk
-i sweat, i trip alot, im loud, and i mummble alot- lolzz
but it was sumwat lame
the dance was lamer
the music was bad
then me and alana left to Club Bang
i drank more before i went in
and man of man was i drunk
i was talking to everybody :D
and like random ppl came up to me annd started talking to me like if we
were bffz hahaha
thats why i like older ppl there not so much based on drama and shyness there too old for that
but yea
79% of the time i was dancing on stage
hahaha i was such a slutt
but fuck i so drained the nexxt day


went to a casting call for BRAVOtv
for a new show there doing
its a spin-off of Project runway
i was nervous as fuck
i was like 2 blocks away
and i was thinking about not going
this is wat was running through my head
"wat if im to young" "wat if they dont like me" "wat if they hate my stuff"
but then i just when to a liqour store and got a small 5 dollar bottle of vodka
and drank my nerves away
so i did fine
they like my personality.... well my drunk one haha
then i went to target to get a pretzel and a slurpee
and as i turn around BAM
there she was
i was still kinda drunk so i went up to her and tapped her and asked "are you cory k?" she smiled and giggled "yea why?"
i was like "omg i love you on nylon!" she said "aww thanks"
then i hugged her and left lol
i didnt wanna seem like a creepy stalker

but fuck it sure was a long as weekend

tomorrow imma go YELLE at carson daily
with alana
im excited!
im wanna talk dirrrrty to her in french lol
how do u say
"lets have sexy time!"
in french


ill update tomorrow

x x o o

j a i m e