July 31, 2008

coming out the closet.

i have a secret obession ....

with the jonas brothers.

i guess i just came out the closet

im a jonas brothers fan



July 30, 2008

work it, work out.

Friday I start my work out + diet.
I'm not excited about it its something I have to do
I really fell I gain my weight back, my skinny jeans don't even fit loose no more =[

i hate my yo-yo weight
I lose weight fast the only problem is keeping it off.
I'm currently a size 36, hard to think that I use to be a size 42 thats ubber gross
My goal is to get to a size 30 and lose my nasty gut
I after I reach my goal I'll finally buy American apparel colored skinny jeans that ive always wanted but they only have small sizes.

I know some people tell me to "love my body"
but I can't do that cause I hate it with a passion

Hopefully I see some results by the end of the month

July 29, 2008

late night food.

so my brother come home from work at 2:30am
and asked me if i wanted to eat
like a fatty i said "yessss!"

this is wat i order with no meat of course
and large fries and a large sprite

gezzzz, i couldnt help myself
no wonder in so fucken fat :[

i have to start working out in august
like hardcore!
i need to sheld some weight before i start school.

heres my work out plan

haha i wish i had a body like them without the boobs.

July 28, 2008


so here we go
i have some story to tell you.

so remember when i told you i was gonna go see jerico well
i went to his house and it was kinda awkward in the beginning
and then reach into his pocket to get the vicodin man when i saw the pills
i was getting kinda scared but excited at the same time
he handed me a pill and i was just staring at it
he was like " are you scared or something?"
i was like "kinda, not really"
he was like "fine ill go first then"
after he did it i took my pill and then he said "you wanna drink?"
i was said "sure i want vodka and orange juice."

like literally 10 mins later..

i was like jenny mccarthy

i felt fucked up! i was so dizzy the room keep moving like fucken crazy
i loved the feeling cause i felt like i was on a rollercoster
then jerico comes in, in his boxers
and wow! we had like a 1 hour make out session.
it was fucken hot and then he get naked and im like wtf?!!
in my head i was like "wow, i wonder if he know im not gonna have sex with him"
i hardly knew the guy so watever, he tired to take off my clothes but i wouldn't let him.
then we keep drinking even tho we were already fucked up to the max!
the some how he ended up giving me a blow job.
crazzzzzzy shit x100
man that night was fucken tiight!

so later on around 6am i get dressed and tell him i have to leave before my parents
wake up and he kissed me goodbye and stuff.
while i was waking home i was still dizzy and so fucken tired
and when i got home i decide to take a shower, fucke i felt used lol seriously.
after the shower i laid down and relax, i was like "imma just rest my head on the pillow and wait for lizzie to call me"
next thing you know it i knock the fuck out.

later i see my sister waking me up saying "hey, dont u have to go to that american apparel thingy today? cause it 12:40"
when she said 12:40 was woke up rigth away and i was like WTF!!!!!
i check my fone and i have a hella lots of missed calls from iris and lizzie
i felt so bad :[
manly cause i convinced lizzie to go and i bailed, stupid sleep.
i called lizzie house just in case and her sis answered saying that she wasnt there.
damn i got all depressed
then i got an AIM msg from devanie saying that she was just gonna go to the american apparel flea market.
i asked if i could tag along she was like "yes" cause she was going by herself
so i got happy that i was still going and that i wasnt going by myself
so i meet up with devanie at mc. donalds
and she was looking fly rocking her A.A gear lol
so we walked to the warehouse and
FUCK!, it was packed
me and her werent gonna wait in line in the hot hot sun.
so were being sneaky and went to the other side were they were selling
LEGALIZE L.A stuff and when we got there we just went crazy and
grabbed every thing we could and stuffed it in our bags.
they didnt have much guys clothes so i was happy to help her
steal some girls clothes.
i got an A.A legalize l.a wife beater.
we left super early with nothing to do and i was like lets go to A.A
by my house and she was down to go cause we had lots of time left.
we went down there and looked at the clothes and was "trying on stuff" aka devanie was stealing legging and dresses in the dressing room.

sorry to say this lizzie
but if she could steal
2 dresses
4 leggings
3 shirts
1 bathing suit
in a semi-small purse
shes could take stuff better than you.
but i still love ya ;) lol

but overall my day had its ups and downs.
hopefully next month me, lizzie and devanie will go to the warehouse together
that would be super cool.

well im off till next time


July 26, 2008

tonight after hannah montana

i might go to this one guys house
he lives close to me and i meet him in the chatroom.
probaly sounds like a really bad idea but i wanna take a risk and have some fun.
so hes name is jerico and hes 18.

he said he has vodka so that maakes me wanna go even more!
the things i do to get drunk :D

ill tel you how my day goes as soon as i get home.

and on the other hand
i hope lizzie get to go to the flea market tomorrow
i really wanna go!
have some F.U.N


hannah montana tonighttt!

i got 3-d glasses ready!
imma sing my lungs outt!
serious shit!
im so excited to see it again tonight.

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remeber its on the disney channel tonight!

stop dancing!!

i seriously just had enough of all these fucken dance shows on tv.
almost every network has one, its so fucken annoying.
fuck man makes me wanna break my tv.

the only dance show im watching is
America's Best Dance Crew

idk one night, there was seriously nothing to watch
and this show was on so i watch it and i fell in love
with this dance crew and there from L.A, SUPholla! :D
i have a crush on the guy with the striped shirt
damn hes hella fine, well to me anyways.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
he could be my new boyfrannn
ohh heyyyy!
i think i have a boy crush!
cute stuff.

hopefully they win ;]
good luck you guyzzz

July 24, 2008

fuck batman.

i love mini batman.
this is way bettter

hahaha i love chuy!

ex boyfriend.

jok is a guy i would never forget.
he was there through the good times and the bad.
the reason im bringing up my ex bf is that, i just got a txt from him
saying "wats up.. long time, no talk... how you been?"
i havent talked to him in a long ass time
i really do miss him, but i feel if i talk to him
were just gonna go in a circle again
we get back together, fight and break up
i seriously cant go through that again
some things are better off left alone.

sad day :[

so this morning i found out that lizzie couldnt go to the fashion show.
i really dont wanna go by myself so imma stay home


well there is a upside to this, for me not going i save 15 bux
that i could use at the american apparel flea market
me and lizzies favorite thing to wear.
lol well you could say im obbssed, so ill have more money to buy clothes.
hopefully everything is super cheap cause im probaly going with only 25 bux
and 5 of the 25 is going for my all day metro pass.
and hopefully lizzie uses her 5 finger discount

so know im just thinking postive!
cause i wanna have a good day today.
there are gonna be other fashion show.

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July 23, 2008

pam girl on the loose.

oh man the sexiest vegetarian ever!
i cant wait till this show comes outt!
i wanna see wat crazy things pam gets into
man i always loved her
and i loved her more when i heard she had a sex tape :D

gezzz, sex tapes are so fucken trendy in hollywood

favorite tranny.

seriously this is the only transexual i really like.
i was never a fan of jeffree star
he scares the crap out of me.
but i love amanda shes is so damn glamourous
shes a combonation of jessica rabbit and marilyn monroe


July 21, 2008

gossip girl season 2.

i seriously cant wait to see the nes season of gossip girl
im so hooked on it, it my tv drug

oh snaps!
Beverly Hills 90210
is coming back! ohh yesss!
i hope its as good as the old one!
only time will tell.


lets go see it!
it looks so damn funny.

Saturday &&. Sunday

so saturday was the HARD festival 08'
i swear to god it was the best thing ever!!!
i didnt drink much but i having so much fun
that i really didnt care :D
oh man being in front while MSTRKFT and Bloody Beetroots
are playing is the fucken best!!!!!
i will seriously never forget that night.
oh and at the end
alana end up leaving us
i thought that was pretty bitch thing to do.
i mean come on now, i had no signal and by the time
HARD was done i got like 12 txt msgs and 5 voicemails.
oh well
me, lizzie and miguel went to dennys amd ate
and then miguels dad took us home.

i was so fucken sore
before i feel asleep i took 6 asprins
the next day i woke up at 3:30pm
i thought it would be too late to go to the collective souls yard sale,
but i was like fuck it i gotta go support
and i found out it was super close to my house
just 3 bus stops away

i was happy i went, i meet some cool new ppl.
and sean was happy too see me which was cool.
you shoulda seen my face when he told me there were selling drinks
i ran to the bar and the frist thing i got was cranberry juice+vokda
ohhhh yea that made me feel soo good.

i missed local tourist at the yard sale which sux
i wanted to buy a shirt but watevez
i got a nike jacket and a red nylon hat. pretty dope.

so i went home and watched tv till 8pm.......

my brother come home and said
"do u wanna go to the movies with me and liz"?
liz is my borthers gf's name.

i said fine im bored at home
we went to the Grove and saw handcock
the movie was wack-tastic.
but my brothers girlfriend is so fucken funny!
after the movies
we saw WILL.I.AM coming out of the movie theatre
i was star struck
my borther took a picture of him. hahaha

so its 1:00am cause we got a late showtime
and we didnt wanna go home yet. so we went to liz's house
had a few drinkz, hahah again vodka+cranberry juice
so now its 2:30am
everyone is tipsy but i was super drunk
i couldnt walk straight.
so liz took us to MELS DINER in west hollywood
i was so fucken tight there
i found 20 bux!
oh haiiii!

i love that area so much
so i got home at 6am

hahaha wow some weekend
i had damn im having a good ass summer so far.

July 18, 2008

oh miley.

all shes needs is a sex tape
to surpise me now.


sux to be starbucks.

so i was reading this
about starbucks closing over 600 stores
most of them are in california too.

hahah damn!!!!
o' well i was getting tired of it.

on air.

so jackie just sent me this video
it funny how i use to do this almost everyday
i misss it nowand
i miss my old friends from locke
too bad i moved

high school musical3

so i cant wait! till this movie comes out.
its funny cause i remeber when the
frist high school movie came out
i use to hate it
but i couldnt help my self.
the songs were so damn catchy
so yea who want to come with me?!
mostly likely ill end up going with my little
sisters cause there fans too, no surpise.

hopefully everthing turns out alright.
i heard some people are having second thoughts about it
which sux.
but wat ever.
as long as im drunk
its all goood!!!!
gezzzzz im such an alcoholic

i wanna get the alcohol today so we wont waste time
but ehh,
my cousin just got in a car crash and i doubt he'll buy me it
this time.
oh yea i almost forgot.
Tomorrow is my mom "company picnic"
at some far way place
lots of freee food which i cant eat cause
yes, im still a vegiterian.
its from 10:00am to 4:00p,m
i should be home by 5ish so i could rest alittle and get ready for hard.
and i still dont know wat to wear!
omg i seriously need to find something.
well more later.


July 17, 2008


Check out the performance schedule:

Main Stage
9 p.m.: DJ Squeak E. Clean
9:50 p.m.: Kid Sister
10:40 p.m.: Spank Rock
Midnight: N.E.R.D.
1:10 a.m.: MSTRKRFT
2:40 a.m.: The Bloody Beetroots
3:40 a.m.: Destructo
Indoor Stage
9 p.m.: Mr. White
9:40 p.m.: DJ Momjeans (Danny Masterson)
10:10 p.m.: Jason Bentley
11 p.m.: LA RiotsMidnight: Steve Aoki
1 a.m.: DJ A-Trak
2:30 a.m.: Miles Dyson
3:10 a.m.
: Kill the Noise

i but in bold who i wated to see.

bored out my mind.

so im here at home bored.
ive been have a crazy sleeping problem
i dont sleep till 6am
and i wake up at 3pm

its getting on my nerves
i wanna sleep like a normal person!!!

anyways the moment ive been waiting for
this since the longest!

HARD summer festival
hopefully i end up getting hella drunk!
cause i hate dancing sober.
oh man does it suck ass.

anyways my friend that i meet online and hes going.
hes 21+
so he could buy me drinks inside
helll yea!
fuck man i cant waiit!

well hes name is alex but the call him chuy
and i just hes loaded with money
so imma take advantage

so on sunday
at the colletive souls;
parking lot yard sale,
imma tell him to take me and
buy me lots of clothes :D

i doubt he'll buy me anything
if i dont sleep with him
but wat if he lied to me and hes super broke lol
that would suck ass.

and me and lizzie are gonna dress up like sluts.
so we could get more attention
cause were attention whores
hopefully we stay till 4am
but my friend alana
is known for leaving early.
but you know i still love her.
shes a very good friend :]

anyways back to alex
hes gonna rent a hotel and i was
thinking i could go with him and sleepover
but since its my frist time meeting him
i told lizzie to tag along with me :D
cause fuck that
wat if i get killed lol

the whole world would be sad.
probaly not.

well yea only one more day till
will see wat happends.