August 25, 2008

NY goes to hollywood

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this is watch ive been watching every monday for 3 weeks
shes so funny and wow does she have an attitude.. No suprise there
i loved new york ever since ive seen her on Flavor of Love
now she has a reailty show
shes trying to become an actor, will see how far this goes.

on another topic
"the FAKES" i mean the "The Hills"
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lauren been getting on my nerves lately
with her expensive boring clothing line which got drop by Kitson
lol they probaly dropped her cause shes wasnt making sales
and seriously you could get look-alikes at target for $25 bucks
theres nothing special about her clothing line
so mtv is saying the hills is not scripted
and that they had to re-take scenes cause of the paparazzi
there are no paparazzis in the apartment dumb asses
some excuse
the only reason theres drama on the show is beacuse the more drama the cast brings in the more they get paid! wow
money hungry sluts!