August 17, 2008

jonas bonus!

so i got a ticket to jonas brother for MTV VMAs
and now im trying to iris a ticket so i wont go by myself
i dont wanna be surrounded by horny little 11 yrs olds.
hopefully i do get her a ticket!

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dropdead987: Imma confess my true love to joe jonasss! Haha i got
tickets homegurrrl! :D
liillolita: dude
liillolita: i hate you
liillolita: how
liillolita: sell me one
liillolita: i will
liillolita: fucking
liillolita: suck your dick
liillolita: lick your ass
liillolita: be your slave
liillolita: for EVER
dropdead987: sorry boo boo im gayyy! Haha and i got my tickets for free
liillolita: awww
liillolita: lucky
liillolita: i hate you
liillolita: i was waiting to buy them
liillolita: and then BAM
liillolita: 20 seconds later
dropdead987: Imma try to get to a ticket so u could have my leftoverz
aka nick and the other one
dropdead987: Haha
liillolita: HAHA
liillolita: DEAL
dropdead987: Haha ailight!! Ill let u know in 3 dayz to see if i got u a
ticket. Cross yer fingersss!
liillolita: kk
liillolita: omg
liillolita: im praying
liillolita: hahaha
dropdead987: Haha imma give joe my purity ring ahaha
liillolita: NO WAY
liillolita: ima give him my hannah montan
liillolita: chonies
liillolita: with my name
liillolita: and phone number
liillolita: written on them
dropdead987: Ohhhh snapzzz
liillolita: haha
dropdead987: Http://
dropdead987: Haha
liillolita: HAHHAHA
dropdead987: I have ticket to metro station too so imma rape mileys
brother hahah heeeeey
liillolita: ew his ugly
liillolita: dude
liillolita: i used to han gout iwht him
liillolita: i liked him better
liillolita: when he wasn't
liillolita: all
liillolita: with his tattoos
dropdead987: Idk im attracted to hotmesses like him haha
liillolita: lolol
liillolita: cute
[AVAILABLE] The Bloody Beetroots - Crookers Purple Lens
dropdead987: Hopefully i get you a ticket, i don't wanna be surroundedd
by myself by horny little 11 year oldz
liillolita: LOL
liillolita: i know me too
dropdead987: Imma pray to my jo-bros poster every night :D
dropdead987: That's how i got my frist ticket haha
liillolita: omggg
liillolita: yes please
liillolita: hahahah
liillolita: ima finish making out
liillolita: wiht my
liillolita: joe picture
liillolita: hahha
dropdead987: hahahaaaaa!
liillolita: :D
dropdead987: Bring a rooffie so we could drug joe and sexual molest him
liillolita: YES
liillolita: please
dropdead987: Haha will take turns
liillolita: haha
liillolita: kkk
dropdead987: then will prank call demi and selina and talk sum shittt
liillolita: FUCK THOSE PUTAS
liillolita: hahhaha
liillolita: demi and her gap
dropdead987: Hahaha i know dirty ass $lutz
dropdead987: I don't like em
liillolita: hahaha
liillolita: me either

her ticket ticket is still pending
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