August 24, 2008

gossip girl calling

i woke up this morning and got a voice mail from Gossip Girl
no, not from serena van der woodsen a.k.a my sister or blair waldorf
its was from the narrator, you know the one that gives us the hottest gossip during the show and at the end shes known for saying "xoxo gossip girl"
yea her! so shes said "jaime van der woodsen, does serena have another brother we dont know about? will see about that. join the gossip girl fan club text 'gossip' to 334455 and receive the 411 before anyone else by personal fone calls and make sure you watch the new season of gossip girl, you wont wanna miss it. xoxo gossip girl"
i was tripping out! i was like she really said my name!
hahaha oh man, that made my day! seriously

25 mins later.....
i turn on the tv with nothing to watch
so i go 'ON DEMAND' to see wat movie there giving
and i stumbeled a movie called BURNT MONEY

it take place in 1965 and it tells the true story of Angel and Sam, gay lovers who turn to crime, bank robbery and murder, holding Argentina and Uruguay in suspense as they lead the authorities on a two-month-long manhunt.
man that movie is fucken intense and i love it!
its in spanish with sub-titles but i didnt need to read the sub-titles lol
i understand spanish hello haha

wat else was i gonna blog about?
ohhh yea
my brothe was in jail friday for having drugss in his car but they werent his there were our niebors drugs
wat suprised me was that, no it wasnt just weed
it was cocaine and meth
i would of stole it from him if i knew!
so he got out saturday cause his girlfriend made bail for him
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later he acted like nothing happend so he told me if i wanted to go to a party and i said fine
i got all dressed up
it was the chunty-est party ever!
ghetto ass sluty latinas everwhere
but the drinks were so good!
i drank so much i was dancing next to the dj with a few girls
hahaha talk about pimp status
there was this guy that caught my eye
lol he was hella fine!
we talked and stuff
but we didnt do anthing nasty
i got his number but avoided him the rest of the night cause i didnt wanna make a move on him with my brother there at the party
one of the reasons i dont like to go out and party with family
so a got a lot of compliment about my grey metallic jacket from american apparel duh!
hahah most of the guys were like "damn that jacket is hard, were u got it at"
and before the party my brother was making fun of me cause i was wearing it
haha even his friends like it so that shut him up
i got home early like around 12:30am
and went to sleeep.

well thats all i had to say lol
will see how today turns out