August 24, 2008

how you doinnn'?!?

miss williams is off air till 09'
wendy williams had a talk show on fox and upn for a 6 week sneak preview
and i must say i love her show!
lucky she got picked up to do a whole season but not till next year
shes is really funny and always has good advice

another show to look out for is

this show is pretty fuuny
i love it she makes fun of her mom
and she has a mini assistant.
hmmmmm...... i wonder where she got that idea from?
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chuy and chelsea

are little people the hot new trend?
i want a little bestfriend now
lol jussst kidding

ps. just so everyone knows
im not really watching THE HILLS
it really got boring and everthing is scripted
so much for "reailty tv"
lauren is getting on my last nerves