August 4, 2008

7 dayz.

till me and lizzie go see steve aoki at D.A.N.C.E

im not really in the mood to go at the moment
dance just got boring
i almost go every week and its lost its groove
hopefully that would change once the week is over
i need alcohol and $$$$$.
and both of them i dont have :[
i wanna go to american apparel cause i really want that
thermalchromatic shirt its really badd ass.

it changes color with body heat.
i want atleast 2 of these shirts
and my mom said i cant touch my money till november
which sux but imma use my money for a sewing machine cause i really want one
i wanna take my clothing line to the next level

oh yea i worked out this morning for 45 mins
which is pretty good, and im eating lightly
and driking lots of water.
gezzz i need diet pillz for an extra boost.