August 22, 2008

the heist;

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so last night i texted alana saying
"hey u wanna go the heist?"
shes text back
"idk maybe ill txt you round 8 or 9 pm and will see whats up"
so i took a shower around 9:30pm thiking i wasnt going cause alana didnt txt me back so when i got out the shower i saw a txt from alana that said im on my way
i was trippin out cause i only have like 20 mins to get ready
so i decide to wear short shorts, a cut up subhumans tee and my gray jacket
haha my nipple were kinda showing cause of the way the shirt was cut up
so alana pick me up with bird
i ran out the house with my hair still wet but i was like fuck it imma get sweaty anyways
so were on the way to the heist and bird is a really cool chick
shes hella funny, we got along fine even tho we didnt know each other
so alana found a parking spot and we parked
bird and alana gave me there money to buy alcohol
and it was fucken easy! buy alcohol never been so easy
oi was so suprised that lady hardly checked it
and yea i got 2 sparks and a micky
me, alana and bird just chilled at a corner and drank
we had a few laughs
and yea so went to wait in line and i was fucken sweating bullets
cause its the frist time i use my id at the heist
so it took us 30 mins of waiting in line
and damn there was this one hot guy waiting in line behind us
so the some bouncers come up a started screaming "LADIES USE THE EXPRESS LINE"
so alana and bird go inside while i wait in line
ps. i was broke so alana paid for my entrance
and yea once i got up there
they cheacked my id and everthing was cool till some fucken bouncer said "he cant come in hes wearing shorts"
ohhh man oh man i was so tipsy i was like im not leaving till i make a scene
i said "plz can i go in, my friends are in there. ill suck your dick after the heist, i promise"
he was like "i cant let you in cause its a dress code thing" and he had the nerve to say "u could still suck my dick"
haha people were just laugh at wat i said
and i left.
i went to go buy a bottle of vodka with the 10 dollar entrance money
and i saw the hot guy walking towards me i said "wat happen"
he said "they didnt let me in cause i had coke on me"
i was like "Aww that sux, u wanna shot of my vodka"
he was like 'oh man thnx bro i needed that"
then he left and i was like i could take the buss home
so i walked and block down to catch the number 4
and there were lots of fucken punks
i was talking to the hot ones and they said that they were coming back from a GBH show at the key club
but yea we rode the same bus and one of them were drinking
the bus driver said "THROW THE BOTTLE AWAY OR WE WONT GO"
and you know punks with there smart mouths
so i was like come on man just throw it away
i have vodka in my fanny pack
so they threw it away
and 2 stops before mine the bus driver saw cops at the 7/11
and he pulled over and said that we were harassing him
so the cops took all of us out the bus
and the guy mike i was talking to was freaking out so was i
and he was talking all extra fast saying "oh man i been drinking way to much and im only 19 if the catch me im going to jail"
so me and him decide to play it slick and run our ass!
so we walked little by little while the cops were busy giving out tickets
and after 5 mins we heard sirens and we fucken ran!!!!
there was a gate we had to jump so we wont get caught
who knew i could hop a fence
it was probaly just the all the alcohol ive been driking
i lost mike but i found my way home
i got home all fucked up and my knees were all dirty from hoping fences
but this morning i found out i chipped one of my teeth
wierd idk how it happend
but ohh wells
hahaha some story
my life is fucken crazzzzzy!