August 16, 2008

back on the pill

no not "the pill"
but back on diet pillz
i take 4 pillz aday
and when i take them i feel so fucken full
its like i went to hometown buffet and ate everthing in there
but i only eat a piece of wheat beard and a hard boiled egg
i love the diet pillz
i wanna see results quick!

i wanna be a size 34 in pants!
im currently a size 36

hopefully ill reach my goal before september


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ps. american apparel said there goona call us on saturday if we got the job
and i got no calls and its towards the end of the day
so i guess im not gonna work there :[
oh wellz

life is full of rejection
when one door closes another door opens.
ill just take sewing classes at night at L.A.C.C