July 28, 2008


so here we go
i have some story to tell you.

so remember when i told you i was gonna go see jerico well
i went to his house and it was kinda awkward in the beginning
and then reach into his pocket to get the vicodin man when i saw the pills
i was getting kinda scared but excited at the same time
he handed me a pill and i was just staring at it
he was like " are you scared or something?"
i was like "kinda, not really"
he was like "fine ill go first then"
after he did it i took my pill and then he said "you wanna drink?"
i was said "sure i want vodka and orange juice."

like literally 10 mins later..

i was like jenny mccarthy

i felt fucked up! i was so dizzy the room keep moving like fucken crazy
i loved the feeling cause i felt like i was on a rollercoster
then jerico comes in, in his boxers
and wow! we had like a 1 hour make out session.
it was fucken hot and then he get naked and im like wtf?!!
in my head i was like "wow, i wonder if he know im not gonna have sex with him"
i hardly knew the guy so watever, he tired to take off my clothes but i wouldn't let him.
then we keep drinking even tho we were already fucked up to the max!
the some how he ended up giving me a blow job.
crazzzzzzy shit x100
man that night was fucken tiight!

so later on around 6am i get dressed and tell him i have to leave before my parents
wake up and he kissed me goodbye and stuff.
while i was waking home i was still dizzy and so fucken tired
and when i got home i decide to take a shower, fucke i felt used lol seriously.
after the shower i laid down and relax, i was like "imma just rest my head on the pillow and wait for lizzie to call me"
next thing you know it i knock the fuck out.

later i see my sister waking me up saying "hey, dont u have to go to that american apparel thingy today? cause it 12:40"
when she said 12:40 was woke up rigth away and i was like WTF!!!!!
i check my fone and i have a hella lots of missed calls from iris and lizzie
i felt so bad :[
manly cause i convinced lizzie to go and i bailed, stupid sleep.
i called lizzie house just in case and her sis answered saying that she wasnt there.
damn i got all depressed
then i got an AIM msg from devanie saying that she was just gonna go to the american apparel flea market.
i asked if i could tag along she was like "yes" cause she was going by herself
so i got happy that i was still going and that i wasnt going by myself
so i meet up with devanie at mc. donalds
and she was looking fly rocking her A.A gear lol
so we walked to the warehouse and
FUCK!, it was packed
me and her werent gonna wait in line in the hot hot sun.
so were being sneaky and went to the other side were they were selling
LEGALIZE L.A stuff and when we got there we just went crazy and
grabbed every thing we could and stuffed it in our bags.
they didnt have much guys clothes so i was happy to help her
steal some girls clothes.
i got an A.A legalize l.a wife beater.
we left super early with nothing to do and i was like lets go to A.A
by my house and she was down to go cause we had lots of time left.
we went down there and looked at the clothes and was "trying on stuff" aka devanie was stealing legging and dresses in the dressing room.

sorry to say this lizzie
but if she could steal
2 dresses
4 leggings
3 shirts
1 bathing suit
in a semi-small purse
shes could take stuff better than you.
but i still love ya ;) lol

but overall my day had its ups and downs.
hopefully next month me, lizzie and devanie will go to the warehouse together
that would be super cool.

well im off till next time