July 17, 2008

bored out my mind.

so im here at home bored.
ive been have a crazy sleeping problem
i dont sleep till 6am
and i wake up at 3pm

its getting on my nerves
i wanna sleep like a normal person!!!

anyways the moment ive been waiting for
this since the longest!

HARD summer festival
hopefully i end up getting hella drunk!
cause i hate dancing sober.
oh man does it suck ass.

anyways my friend that i meet online and hes going.
hes 21+
so he could buy me drinks inside
helll yea!
fuck man i cant waiit!

well hes name is alex but the call him chuy
and i just hes loaded with money
so imma take advantage

so on sunday
at the colletive souls;
parking lot yard sale,
imma tell him to take me and
buy me lots of clothes :D

i doubt he'll buy me anything
if i dont sleep with him
but wat if he lied to me and hes super broke lol
that would suck ass.

and me and lizzie are gonna dress up like sluts.
so we could get more attention
cause were attention whores
hopefully we stay till 4am
but my friend alana
is known for leaving early.
but you know i still love her.
shes a very good friend :]

anyways back to alex
hes gonna rent a hotel and i was
thinking i could go with him and sleepover
but since its my frist time meeting him
i told lizzie to tag along with me :D
cause fuck that
wat if i get killed lol

the whole world would be sad.
probaly not.

well yea only one more day till
will see wat happends.