July 18, 2008

high school musical3

so i cant wait! till this movie comes out.
its funny cause i remeber when the
frist high school movie came out
i use to hate it
but i couldnt help my self.
the songs were so damn catchy
so yea who want to come with me?!
mostly likely ill end up going with my little
sisters cause there fans too, no surpise.

hopefully everthing turns out alright.
i heard some people are having second thoughts about it
which sux.
but wat ever.
as long as im drunk
its all goood!!!!
gezzzzz im such an alcoholic

i wanna get the alcohol today so we wont waste time
but ehh,
my cousin just got in a car crash and i doubt he'll buy me it
this time.
oh yea i almost forgot.
Tomorrow is my mom "company picnic"
at some far way place
lots of freee food which i cant eat cause
yes, im still a vegiterian.
its from 10:00am to 4:00p,m
i should be home by 5ish so i could rest alittle and get ready for hard.
and i still dont know wat to wear!
omg i seriously need to find something.
well more later.