July 21, 2008

Saturday &&. Sunday

so saturday was the HARD festival 08'
i swear to god it was the best thing ever!!!
i didnt drink much but i having so much fun
that i really didnt care :D
oh man being in front while MSTRKFT and Bloody Beetroots
are playing is the fucken best!!!!!
i will seriously never forget that night.
oh and at the end
alana end up leaving us
i thought that was pretty bitch thing to do.
i mean come on now, i had no signal and by the time
HARD was done i got like 12 txt msgs and 5 voicemails.
oh well
me, lizzie and miguel went to dennys amd ate
and then miguels dad took us home.

i was so fucken sore
before i feel asleep i took 6 asprins
the next day i woke up at 3:30pm
i thought it would be too late to go to the collective souls yard sale,
but i was like fuck it i gotta go support
and i found out it was super close to my house
just 3 bus stops away

i was happy i went, i meet some cool new ppl.
and sean was happy too see me which was cool.
you shoulda seen my face when he told me there were selling drinks
i ran to the bar and the frist thing i got was cranberry juice+vokda
ohhhh yea that made me feel soo good.

i missed local tourist at the yard sale which sux
i wanted to buy a shirt but watevez
i got a nike jacket and a red nylon hat. pretty dope.

so i went home and watched tv till 8pm.......

my brother come home and said
"do u wanna go to the movies with me and liz"?
liz is my borthers gf's name.

i said fine im bored at home
we went to the Grove and saw handcock
the movie was wack-tastic.
but my brothers girlfriend is so fucken funny!
after the movies
we saw WILL.I.AM coming out of the movie theatre
i was star struck
my borther took a picture of him. hahaha

so its 1:00am cause we got a late showtime
and we didnt wanna go home yet. so we went to liz's house
had a few drinkz, hahah again vodka+cranberry juice
so now its 2:30am
everyone is tipsy but i was super drunk
i couldnt walk straight.
so liz took us to MELS DINER in west hollywood
i was so fucken tight there
i found 20 bux!
oh haiiii!

i love that area so much
so i got home at 6am

hahaha wow some weekend
i had damn im having a good ass summer so far.