January 9, 2009

wat a night

so tuesday i went to the echoplex to see pop noir and the franks
it was pretty amazing
some guy called me the next and ask me "are you ok?"
i was like "yea why?"
he said "oh because you were crying on my lap and then we started making out"

i was a emo drunk that night
omgz how scary
i hope he was cute.... aleast

and the on wednesday
i meet up with sam and danny at the lucys laundry mat were me iris , and devanie got drunk at
so sam bought me a bought of UV pink lemonade vodka
i could almost drink that shit straight
i love it
Its my new favorite kind of vodka
after i finish the vodka
i blacked out
woke up with
scabs on my hands
dirty clothes
alcohol breath
crusty eyes
and it looks like got in a fight

looks like imma walking on the road to rehab

if you love me take me to rehab