January 11, 2009

Adventures in Downtown L.A

09' Edition.

show me an dev meet up all late in downtown L.A beacuse of something that's happend last and i don't wanna get into it.

so me and devanie went to goodwill and i got a light brown Members Only jacket
and devanie got a cute lace top, a sexy WARRIORS jersey and a fucken cute vintage Jordache purse.

after that dev said "oh my friends are gonna tag along and she gonna call you"
i really didn't want to meet them nor i didn't want them to tag along with us but after we meet they were pretty chill people.

then we walked to Comme Des Garcons but it was close so we decided to walk to
Little Tokyo and on the way there we saw a red carpet event going on and the secruity guard let us in just to see the models pratice walking down the runway.
it was pretty fucken amazing and the clothes were beautiful.

then we left to little tokyo,
thanks to devanie i got a new Diesel Wallet
and i got like 2 new scarfs that i really need it and the dev got drunk off of the sake that we took


overall this day was amazing, tomorrow we might go to Fairfax flea market

oh i can't wait