January 3, 2009

can't sleep

i have no idea why i can't sleep.
I've been on myspace since like 12:30am and now its 6am

wat is worng with me?
i stayed up all night talking to iris and dr. Smith


im in my room listening to She&Him
pretty good band
i love zooey deschanels voice

in the other hand i have blogged in a while
here's a few things you need to know

i had a crapy christmas
even a crappier new years

and the last time i went out was with ashley and alana to Go-Commando and we didn't even stay that long cause ashley got kick out for no reason
how gay
i can't wait to see out pictures from youngandsleek
hopefully they came out alright

well i have nothing else to talk about
going thift shopping tomorrow