January 18, 2009

hanging the djs

yesterday was pretty fun
finally hung out with alana
lolz, we were in the damn corner looking for people to buy use alcohol
no lucky
so we went to nthe liquor store ask for the bottle of UV pink lemonade
and the lady said "could i see your iD?"
i look through my wallet and said "dam i forgot my iD!, im sorrry"
she was "like how old are you?"
and i said "22, why?"
then she said "because you look so young"
so she sold me the bottle
thank god
we found ashley and miguel in the parking lot
got drunk at echo park
how fun

it was a pretty chill night
loves it

and after htdjs
alana bought us taco bell
sooooo good
fiesta patatoes + bean burritos

hopefully we do this again next week

ps. i cant wait to see the pictures gerry took