September 17, 2008

Roybal Learning Complex

its sounds like a school for retards
why cant they just call it a high school
now my friends think im going to a retard school


Oh hellz naw
This school is full of chunts/cholos/cholas and metal heads
The school is nice and all but wow the people here are very annoying
maybe that why i don't have any friends
i just talk to the people in my class but like just little conversation
but i have a small crush on a guy name jacob
Hahahaha he's hella cute
and he's fosho gay
I've heard him talk about he's ex bfs to his friends
so tomorrow imma try to talk to him somehow
I really need some courage
or a bottle of vodka

gezzz i really need to be more outgoing and social
oh wellz

Ps. Never chew gum and laugh
hahahaha bad idea

pss. im doing really good in school
i have really really good grades
will see how long i could keep that up