September 21, 2008


Oh man yesterday was fucken crazzzy!

Oh shit
i blackout hella fast
haahah i almost drank half a bottle of vodka.

so yesterday alana txted me
and she said she couldn't go to blow up l.a
i was all sad cause i really wanted to go to
but i wasn't going to stay home on a saturday night with money and vodka
so i went to Hang the Djss at The Echo.
sad to say but i went by myself :[
but i meet some cool guyz there
Its so funny how talkative and social i am when im drunk lolz
they thought i was 26
if they only knew i could get them thrown in jail
but yea i went to someguys house named christian and adam
honestly after just drinking one at there house i blackoutttt.

i kinda rember walking home when the sun was coming out
after that everthing is a burry mess.

Lets just say i came home with out my boxers LAWLS!!

boyss just wanna have funnnnnnn!