September 19, 2008

no talk.

today i didn't talk to jacob at all.
im scared to go up to him and say "hi im jaime" ill probaly end up saying "jaime im hi" hahaha

day three, and he still dosent know who i am
oh wellz

so im totally looking foward to BLOW UP L.A this saturday.
hopefully there not strict bastard with the I.D'z

lets see anyone up dates on my life...

well im still working on the lolafoxxx tee shirtss,
its coming out good
ill show you previewz when i scan my drawings.

that's aboutt it.

ps. i hate gay guyz that have chola eyebrows and have girl piercings, especially the monroe piercing. either you look like a ghetto bitch from c0MpTon or you look you like you have a big ass nasty mole that shines. and i hate when they dress in the tacky-est clothes ever. its like you only shop and anchor blue, hollister and the swapmeet.
like that nastyfuck in my history class
eww i can't fucken stand him!

one more thing
lipgloss is for girls
i don't like when guyz use it
you look like a stupid tranny
HELLO its called chapstick
use that shit



gezz im full of hate