September 4, 2010


After losing my wallet two weeks ago i thought my life was over, i lost my money, my real I.D and Fake I.D and my bank card but thats all of this is turning around.
Yesterday Guest of a Guest L.A direct messaged me on twitter saying i got guestlisted for FYF FEST. To tell you the truth the only reason i didn't wanna go to fyf in the first place was because i didn't wanna spend the money on it, sorry to sound cheap but I'm jobless! I cant help to being cheap like Tyra Banks, Haha.
The good news didn't stop there this morning i got an email saying i got to tickets to the VMA'S! Of course I'm taking ashley, me and her have a thing for nicki minaj! and i also forgot i have tickets to see Interpol at Jimmy Kimmel this wednesday. This week is going to be jam packed! I will take pictures of every event but i wish i was one of those cool video bloggers but all i have is my video camera from my blackberry which isnt that good for vlogging. i cant wait for this weekend to start, going to FYF Fest in 6 hours. do me a favor and....... BUY ME DRINKS OR A BOTTLE OF HAPPINESS!