September 4, 2009

sleep needed

this week has been hell for me
all this week i ended up falling asleep at 4am or later
i have no idea why!
i keep thinking its the damn heat
but looks like im going to need a few sleeping pills for the weekend
because i cant go to school without sleep
Ive done it before and ended up falling asleep in all my class
but today is diffrent i havent slept at all and now its 6:30am
i have a feeling ill end up falling asleep at 10am till 5pm
it wouldn't surprise me, Ive done it before.
and today i have to register for school, ill be attending belmont because I'm missing half of semester worth of credits.
this is the time i regret no paying attend or giving a shit in 9th and 10th grade
but its too late now, i learned from my mistakes.
i know its random that I'm using blogspot now
but all of this wont fit on my twitter at all.