February 6, 2009


cheapthrillzx69: i can't wait till next saturday
liillolita: omgz
liillolita: i know
liillolita: partay
cheapthrillzx69: Hopeffully alana could go
liillolita: if not
liillolita: we'll pick you up
liillolita: or something
cheapthrillzx69: we'll?
cheapthrillzx69: you and andrew?
liillolita: andrewwww
cheapthrillzx69: Omg you guys are gonna smell like sex
cheapthrillzx69: lolz
liillolita: ew
liillolita: not even
liillolita: shut up
cheapthrillzx69: Hahahaha
liillolita: hahah
liillolita: a
cheapthrillzx69: imma try to find a date! i do not wanna be a thrid wheel
liillolita: ew
liillolita: ima find you one
liillolita: jez
cheapthrillzx69: hahaha yay
cheapthrillzx69: Craigslist
cheapthrillzx69: Haha
liillolita: ROFLZ
liillolita: eharmony
cheapthrillzx69: im banned from that website for posting n00dz

cheapthrillzx69: Haha
liillolita: OMG
liillolita: shut up
cheapthrillzx69: Hahaha
liillolita: :D

help me find a date for valetines day.